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   Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019 U.S.V.I. Business & Career Guide    

V. I. Business
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  V. I. Business
by Carmelo Rivera

     Hats off to those who oppose the outright sale of the old post office building in Christiansted. That precious old building in the historic district, and the Alexander Theater in Time Square, should be earmarked for renovation and development into significant and dignified places for cultural tourism projects. With that in mind, following are two self sustaining cultural projects that can be created and developed for these two sites:
     A CARIBBEAN ANTHROPOLOGICAL, CULTURAL AND ART MUSEUM -- St. Croix would be the ideal location for a full-fledged contemporary museum of Caribbean life, culture and art. This museum, if developed properly, would be a tremendous source of inspiration and pride for every resident on the Territory. It would celebrate the universality and diversity of the Caribbean people. Crowds of school children, residents and visitors would go there to learn about the amazing histories and cultures of the people from every corner of the Caribbean - Antigua, Cuba, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, etc. Aside from the cultural and educational value, this state of the art facility would add a new and exciting dimension to the St. Croix tourism package.
     A MULTI-MEDIA SPORTS MUSEUM -- St. Croix is long overdue for a first class sports museum. Just imagine the glee in the eyes of young and not so young people observing multi-media exhibitions with video clips of the heroics of Horace Clarke, Emile Griffith, Jose Morales, Valmy Thomas, Tim Duncan and the many other homegrown stars. The impressive list of VI heroes includes baseball and basketball players, boxers, Olympians in all sports, collegiate players, sailing champions, and others. Imagine the thousands of visitors who will visit and learn about the awesome contributions of Virgin Islanders to the world of sports and entertainment.
     The possibilities for self-sustaining cultural tourism projects on St. Croix are endless, but it would take new vision and highly motivated Crucians working together to make things happen. It would take an entrepreneurial public sector willing to put community assets, like the PO Building and the theater, to productive uses for the benefit and growth of the community. Finally, it would take a proactive and civic-minded private sector willing to invest and actively work to convert ideas into viable projects that would propel our economic growth.

   The possibilities for self-sustaining cultural tourism projects on St. Croix are endless, but it would take new vision and eager investors and a highly motivated community working together to make things happen.
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Interior Department has a mandate to assist the Virgin Islands and other Insular Areas under the American Flag.
   The Office of Insular Affairs (OIA) carries out the Secretary of the Interior's responsibilities for the insular areas such as the Virgin Islands. These responsibilities include providing the insular areas with financial assistance for government operations and needed infrastructure, and providing technical assistance and advisory services. This assistance is a recognition that local tax revenues and other Federal programs are insufficient to meet the unique needs of the insular areas. The Secretary's responsibilities also require coordination with other Federal agencies to develop insular policy positions and to enunciate the Administration's position in discussions with the Congress and the insular governments.
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   Olasee Davis, a part-time professor in natural science at the University of the Virgin Islands in St. Croix was nominated by Delegate Christensen, and was selected over candidates from New York, New Jersey and Puerto Rico for his extensive work in environmental education in the Virgin Islands.
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My Millenium Wish List for the Virgin Islands
   Thinkng about the future of the Virgin Islands? This article contains ten major items this writer wishes for the US Virgin Islands in the new millenium. Among these are--Business growth and prosperity; Education advancement and reform; Reinvented government; Reliable and modern infrastructure; Quality and affordable healthcare; Precious environment; Improved neighborhoods and housing communities; Happy, peaceful and caring community; Genuine futurists, visionaries and strategic planners to plot our future; and Renewed faith and reconnection with our maker and spiritual being. What's on your wish list?
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   One of our concerned readers claims to have been informed that because of the sheer size of the Social Security Administration this agency is no where near ready for Y2K. She urges everyone to get a copy of their earnings and pay out records. (Note: We normally do not publish these types of letters, but this one certainly had an important public reminder that we thought merited publication).
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Every Resident Should Actively Support Beal Aerospace Project For St. Croix. This is an Extraordinary Opportunity!
   According to Lt. Governor Frank Brogan, "Florida is committed to maintaining, expanding and diversifying its space industry by providing the most competitive business environment possible."
  What are we waiting for in the Virgin Islands?
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Improved Christmas Festival and Effective Advertising Can keep Delta and Other Airlines Coming to St. Croix Carmelo Rivera is a licensed Management and HR Consultant.
   To keep Delta and other commercial airlines flying to St. Croix beyond 1999 does not take much imagination--just improve the St. Croix Festival and tourism product. Give tourists good reasons to come here. Thousands and thousands of people could flock through our new airport for a well-earned holiday break and escape from the northern winter. Our Festival can be the economic booster to rekindle the St. Croix entertainment and cultural tourism economy.
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