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   Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019 U.S.V.I. Business & Career Guide    

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  V. I. Business
by VIBusiness Staff

     Richard A. Schrader, Sr., is well known among Virgin Islanders and his friends far and near not only for his many years of community service but also for his newer role of poet, author, historian, lecturer, and preserver of oral and recorded histories. His work among the young people of the islands is particularly appreciated, enabling them to recognize their rich cultural heritage. Mr. Schrader received his undergraduate degree from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and his Master of Arts in Education from the College of the Virgin Islands. Retiring after many years as Prison Warden of St. Croix, this soldier- turned-writer first took up his pen in 1984 and has not put it down since then. In addition to writing eleven books, he has contributed to many scholarly publications and is a sought-after participant in local cultural events. Mr. Schrader is the recipient of numerous honors including the Virgin Islands Humanities Council 1994 "Humanist of the Year" award, in recognition of his tireless efforts in preserving the traditions of St. Croix. A few of his books are available in our bookstore section.

   Richard A. Schrader, Sr., author, historian, publisher and chronicler of Crucian life with at least ten published works.
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Joyful Art of Danica---Crucian Budding Artist A Pretty Basket Does Not Prevent Worries
   "I hope my work will always communicate to others my deep relationship with God, from whom all blessings flow. I always pray before painting each piece. God truly guides me. Since I have rediscovered my artistic talent, I feel that I have truly begun my spiritual journey."
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   Sharifa Garcia, a St. Croix student at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee,will spend 16 weeks at a US Department of Energy National Laboratory to receive hands-on experience in conducting scientific research.
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