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Market Ladies Series
  Market Ladies is a series by Danica David, a Crucian--born contemporary folk artist. In the Market Ladies Series, the young artist paints three women. These three women are connotations that express Danica's belief in the Trinity, which is a significant part of her Caribbean heritage. To the artist, the ladies are vessels for which the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit dwell. Even though these three entities are separate they are one. The women are three individuals, but one in their spiritual wait.
  “I always pray before painting each piece,' says Danica. 'God truly guides me. Since I have rediscovered my artistic talent, I feel that I have truly begun my spiritual journey."
  Danica David @1999
VIGILANT -- BALTIMORE CLIPPER UNITES THE ISLANDS The history of the present-day Virgin Islands might well have been different were it not for the schooner "Vigilant," a Baltimore clipper which plied the waters between St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. This is revealed in the fascinating new book, "The Schooner Vigilant of St. Croix; the Last Baltimore Clipper." While it does deal with the history of the Danish West Indies, now the U.S. Virgin Islands, it primarily discusses the history of the valiant "Vigilant," much of which is still shrouded in mystery. While it answers many questions, it leads to many more.
  This small 77-page publication reflects the diligent labor of one of St. Croix's prominent citizens, David M. Hamilton. The following is an excerpt in the author's own words,
  "The Schooner Vigilant of St. Croix" is the historical account of a Baltimore Clipper built before 1812 that served as a privateer, a U.S. Naval Schooner, and in 1824 arrived in St. Croix. She captured pirates, sailed for the Danish Navy, and served as a Virgin Islands packet ship until her final sinking in 1928.
  According to this study, the ship had a life of at least one-hundred and sixteen years -- an outstanding achievement for a wooden ship which plied the waters, to the North and the South, especially in the Caribbean where saltwater, heat, worms, etc. usually decimate any wooden vessel. Since the original completion of the "Vigilant" is shrouded in mystery, he author states, "There is little doubt that the 'Vigilant' was the last Baltimore Clipper, having sailed and survived for some 138 years" (p.54). This ship was apparently named the "Nonsuch." This "Nonsuch," later the "Vigilant," apparently was not the same as "Den Aarvaagne," which the author indicates was Danish for "Vigilant," which also plied the waters between St. Thomas and St. Croix around 1801. The author developed his study from records in The Maryland Historical Society, the Smithsonian, the Naval Historical Center, the National Museum of American History and the Sofartsmusset, Kronborg, Denmark.
  Author Hamilton has very capably included several of his line drawings which illustrate his points, in addition to a number of significant historical images. In fact, the author created his own book cover with a his line drawing depicting the "Vigilant" in Christiansted Harbor with the Fort in the background. Apparently, the ship image was superimposed over the spot where the "Vigilant" might have been sunk. It should be noted that a hurricane in 1916, a hurricane damaged the vessel and left it on the reef in Christiansted Harbor. It was rescued and repaired, but the subsequent hurricane on September 12, 1928, caused the demise of the "Vigilant." The model of the Vigilant, by Hamilton on display in Fort Christiansvaern, graces the back cover.
  While source footnoting is somewhat scanty in this volume, the author does include a useful section "Literature" and "Notes." In addition, there is a useful appendix, including "Tonnage and size...," "Captains...," "Chain of Ownership..." and "Bibliography."
  This is an "easy read" publication, which carries the reader from the birth to the demise of the "Valiant." Because of its relatively reasonable price, there is little reason for any person or library to be without this volume. This small volume adds to the history and lore of the Virgin Islands, and should be useful to historians and other interested persons.
  Dr. Robert V. Vaughn 20000302
  P.O. Box 1122, Christianted, VI 00821-1122 Vigilant
  Phone/FAX 340-778-8465
St. Croix, Santa Cruz, Holy Cross, (on CD-ROM) "St. Croix, Santa Cruz, Holy Cross: A digital Cultural and Historical Narrative - Illustrated" is a fascinating and easy interactive way to learn about the culture and history of St. Croix on CD-ROM. This CD-ROM has been placed in some schools and is an assist to students studying their history and culture. There are about 200 photographs displaying St. Croix's charms and other things. It was created by Dr. Vaughn, a 35-year-plus resident of the Virgin Islands, who is an artist and author has been a librarian/teacher in local schools and U.V.I. (C.V.I.) during this time. This interactive CD-ROM "St. Croix, Santa Cruz, Holy Cross" is available from Dr. Vaughn who can be contacted at TEL/FAX 340-778-8465 or E-Mail
La Vaughn Belle latest collection can be seen at the Fort Frederick Museum in St. Croix from December 3, 1999 until January 14, 2000. La Vaughn Belle began painting under the tutelage of St. Croix artist, Leo Carty, at the age of thirteen. She began showing her work while teaching in NY and has recently returned to St. Croix to live and work as an artist.
  Belle's work can be described as intuitive and textural as she uses fabric, sand, paint and other materials to relate imagery from both conscious and unconscious levels. Her paintings resonate a spiritual awareness, a sensitivity to humanity and a comniitment to expression.
  La Vaughn Belle was bom in Tobago in 1974. In that same year she moved to the Virgin Islands and lived in St. Thomas and later in St. Croix. After graduating ftom St. Dunstan's School in 1991, she attended Columbia University in NY where she completed her graduate and undergraduate degrees.
  Although she has some formal training in painting and ceramics, she claims that her "real" teachers have been life, God and herself Belle also gives credit to her mentors who have inspired and encouraged her art spirit.
  Phone/Fax 340-773-8786 Home Phone 340-778-8621 Email PO Box 7974 Sunny Isle St. Croix, USVI 00823
  Richard A. Schrader, Sr. has created yet another important historical account of events that have shaped the lives of people on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin islands. This account deals with the disastrous hurricanes that have tortured the men women and children of the islands. His account will touch you with the humanism, the resilience, the pride, and the toil required to attempt another charge against nature. The Virgin Islands peoples have relied upon their faith in their God to carry them through events that might have overcome people from other areas other climes. Mr. Schrader gives us not only a verbal account of these events, but also chronicles them with photographs, most of which were taken with his camera lenses. A veteran author of folk history, very sensitive to the persons involved, Schrader's legacy includes these publications: Home Sweet Home, Walking through Kasha and Roses, Notes of a Crucian Son, St. Croix in another time, Kallaloo, and Fungi.
  Retail price $22.50
  HURRICANE BLOWS ALL SKIN ONE COLOR and other Richard A. Schrader books can be purchased in local bookstores or through this Web site.
Slavery is Poverty ( Mixed medium)Joyful Art of Crucian Budding Artist--Danica David One of St. Croix's best-kept secrets is budding young artist Danica David. Crucian born David is a former member of the St. Croix Central High School Art Honor Society. Her studies at Miami's International Fine Arts College and St. Thomas University in Opalocka, Florida have helped her to develop a captivating way of presenting contemporary folk art.
  Filling the wall space in her apartment was Danica's incentive to paint when she returned home from college. The artistic vision of colors ascends to life on canvas expressing her joy and admiration for life's simple, but sometimes complex offerings.
  Collectors in Europe, the Caribbean, and the mainland seek her work. Several of her paintings are in the private art collection of our Lieutenant Governor: Gerard Luz James II.
  In most of Danica's work she usually paints three ladies, three eyes, three moons or whatever inspires her at that moment. These connotations are expressions of her belief in the trinity.
  "I hope my work will always communicate to others my deep relationship with God, from whom all blessings flow. I always pray before painting each piece. God truly guides me. Since I have rediscovered my artistic talent, I feel that I have truly begun my spiritual journey."
  You can see more of Danica's works at her website gallery:
  P.O. Box 665
  St. Croix, VI 00821
  (340) 773-4912
KALLALOO --- Collection of Crucian Stories by Richard A. Schrader
  "Here are delightful vignettes about real people in a time when there was humor, pathos, sarrow, and joy in the day to day interactions of a proud people -- Culture recorded for all to appreciate through years." (Robert V. Vaughn, Ed.D.)
  "What a Kallaloo this is! Engrossing stories of the lives of people who faced life's hardships and overcame them, from the 'angry waves' between Puerto Rico and St. Croix which pounded their small craft back, belly and side', through backbreaking labor In the cane fields, 'battling guinea grass..."
  Charles A. Emanuel
  Reviewer,The St. Croix AVIS
  "Richard Schrader builds each story on the next, spilling some tears here and laughter there. Woven throughout is the thread of the rhythms of the Crucian language, in songs and poetry, with the rustle of scratch bands, complete with kerosene pans and drums resounding throughout the pages…"
  KALLALOO is a unique book, worthy to have a special spot on the bookshelf.
  Cindy Mault
  Reviewer, The Virgin Islands Daily News
  Book Price $20.00
  Only checks or money orders accepted.
  Copies available through this VI Business Web site, PO Box 6665, Sunny Isles, St Croix, Virgin Islands, 00823.
Like A Flower Blooming by Richard A. Schrader, Sr.LIKE A FLOWER BLOOMING
  Richard A Schrader, Sr., author, historian, chronicler of crucian life, with at least ten published works in his "corral," now exhibits his other writing expertise in this delightful and inspiring volume of poetic expression of crucian thought. Mr. Schrader now shares his penchant for observing the common and the uncommon in the world around him, this time in a poetic Haiku format based Partially on inspiration from Richard Wright's Haiku: This Other World. With a native Crucian's professional background, Mr. Schrader was in a position to observe the best and the worst of humanity. It is interesting to note that this God-fearing gentleman has been able to observe the beauty where others might miss it. The landmark verse, the last one in this volume, says it all: -
  Like a flower blooming
  We glow for a little while
  Then comes the night.
  Review by Dr. Robert Vaughn
  Book Price $17.50
  Copies available through this Web site.
  Only checks or money orders accepted.