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   Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019 U.S.V.I. Business & Career Guide    

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  V. I. Business
by VIBusiness Staff

      Former Labor Commissioner Carmelo Rivera established a Management & Human Resources Consulting Service to aid employers, law firms, and employee organizations.
      "If you have been in business for some time,' says Rivera, 'you should know by now that managing employees is not a simple task. It requires that you consistently apply many federal and local employment laws."
      Rivera's new venture offers employers and business clients expertise in most functional areas of human resources (HR) ranging from the recruitment and selection of personnel through employment separation.
      HR Consulting Services, licensed by the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs, aims to help employers increase their effectiveness and have fewer employee complaints by offering specialized HR services including comprehensive HR audits to detect potential problems and improve compliance with federal and local requirements.
      HR Consulting Service will also assist law firms in their practice with expert opinions, research and case development, and other litigation support.
      "Employers should also know that not complying with these intricate labor laws and regulations and not applying good HR sense can get them into a bundle of trouble and costly litigation. It can even ruin a business."
      Effective planning and consulting with a management & human resources expert can help prevent many of the headaches and high costs of lawsuits, penalties and back wage payments.
      "Here are a few instances of how good employers can get into scalding water," says Rivera.
     * Inadvertently asking the wrong questions during a job interview.
     * Indicating a preference for a younger job applicant over an older qualified worker.
     * Trusting too much and failing to properly check employee backgrounds and qualifications.
     * Being laid back and not having written personnel policies and procedures.
     * Failing to comply with IDC or EEOC documentation requirements.
     * Hiring your own and excluding a racial or ethnic group in any of aspect of employment.
     * Not putting a stop to sexual banter or ethnic jokes in the workplace.
     * Failing to keep proper employee records.
     * Not properly justifying a termination or demotion.
     * Showing concern the wrong way such as not hiring a qualified woman because she is pregnant.
     * Refusing to hire a person because of a Hispanic or other accent.
     * Disciplining an employee for complaining about a legitimate safety or health violation.
     * Continuously referring to women as "girls" or using other forms of belittling banter.
      Rivera, a member of the Society for Human Resources Management, offers employers a wealth of experience spanning more than twenty years as an administrator and consultant. As former Commissioner of Labor, Rivera was in charge of enforcing employment and labor laws and conducting compliance reviews of local businesses.
      He has served as a training and expert employment panelist, and has provided consultation to employers, managers and employees in functional areas such as supervision and management, strategic planning, employee recruitment, performance appraisals, planning for downsizing, equal opportunity compliance, sexual harassment prevention, personnel policies, customer service, and other workplace issues.
      For more information, contact HR Consulting Service by email at voice/fax (340) 692-6345 or by telephone at (340) 692-2123. You can also write: HR Consulting Services, PO Box 6665, Sunny Isles, St. Croix, USVI 00823.

HOVENSA Contractor, Bechtel International -- Demonstrates Commitment to Workforce Development
   The HOVENSA-Bechtel training was designed to increase the chances of employment for residents of the Virgin Islands. Already more than 250 individuals on St. Croix have enrolled in the crafts training in welding, pipefitting, electrical, millwright, civil, and instrumentation crafts in preparation for the building of the Coker Plant at the HOVENSA Refinery. The Training Program, valued at $4000 per trainee, is free to eligible applicants.
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   Effective planning and consulting with a management & human resources expert can help prevent many of the headaches and high costs of lawsuits, penalties and back wage payments.
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HIRING LOCALLY--Key Requirement For Industries Participating In The Virgin Islands' Industrial Development Programs Carmelo Rivera, Management & HR Consultant
   The IDC strategy is unmistakably clear--in exchange for certain tax exemptions and benefits, industrial beneficiaries must hire at least 80% residents and provide job training. IDC beneficiaries are also expected to contribute to a Territorial Scholarship Fund.
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