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The Bulletin: Spring 2002

     From the Rabbi
     Dear Synagogue members and friends,
     Soon synagogues around the world celebrate the third and final pilgrim festival of the Jewish year, Shavuot. In many communities, teens who are concluding their religious school education with the rite of Confirmation symbolically reenact the ancient event of receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai. According to rabbinic tradition, the Israelites who fled Egypt through the parted waters were steeped in the values, thought, and culture of those who had enslaved them. Their first 49 days of freedom (called the counting of the "Omer") must have been extremely difficult with barely enough time, it would seem, to throw off the yoke of oppression and attain a level of spiritual readiness worthy of the gift of Torah. In a similar vein, 16th Century Jewish mystics exhort us to follow their example and give ourselves over during the seven weeks of the Omer to attaining ever higher levels of personal and communal wholeness.
     Each year, experiencing Sinai anew, Israel promises to fulfill their commitment to bear witness to the one God and to teach the responsibilities of ethical monotheism to the rest of the world. So, when confirmation classes stand before their congregations on Shavuot, they ought to do so in full awareness of the sacred nature of the occasion. Each year, the community of Israel is joined in our vision by the youth of the congregation who pledge themselves to the covenant and to model justice and righteousness as a way of being for the rest of the world to emulate. Confirmation, first celebrated in the New World in our synagogue, brings a new generation of partners into our community of covenant. Every year a new generation promises to do their share and to add their contribution to the holy work of all the generations before them. Obviously, the goal of tikkun olam is so massive that it cannot be achieved by any one generation or at any one time or place. Rather, it is dependent upon the work of thousands upon thousands of generations, each doing their share to leave the world a better place and to pass the vision on to the next generation.
     Let us always be mindful of the words spoken by Rabbi Tarfon and quoted in Pirkei Avot: "You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it (II:20)."
     Rabbi Jay Heyman
     From the President
     At a special Shabbat service, on March 15, 2002, our Congregation celebrated the Rededication of our historic Synagogue. It was a warm and wonderful event that confirmed our connection with the founders of this Congregation over two hundred years ago.
     There is no question in my mind that the restoration of the Synagogue was the most important undertaking of the congregation during my four years as President. For the Virgin Islands, we have made a very significant contribution to historic preservation. For the Jewish community, we have ensured that this very special place of prayer, learning and assembly will stand for years to come.
     It was very fitting that this celebration marking the Restoration of the Synagogue and the return to its appearance in 1833 began much the way the original consecration service did. Members of the Board during the time of our Restoration, members of the Restoration Committee, and Neil Prior, whose critical $100,000 challenge gift energized our fundraising campaign, carried our six Torahs back into the sanctuary and returned them to our beautifully renovated Ark. As we handed the Torahs to Rabbi Jay Heyman for placement in the Ark,
     Cantor Josée Wolff, head of the UAHC Department of Synagogue Music, led the choir in the singing of Baruch Habah, Psalm 118, the same psalm sung by the choir in 1833. It was an incredibly moving moment for all of us.
     It was our good fortune to have Cantor Wolff with us for the celebration. Her beautiful voice enhanced in great measure the spiritual quality of the service. We also were delighted to welcome Rabbi Bradd Boxman, our rabbi from 1990-1996, back to the bimah. His guest sermon, recollections about important moments in the life of the Congregation, seen through the eyes of Rachel, Leah, Sarah and Rebecca, who are represented in our sanctuary by its four interior columns, was memorable. After the conclusion of our service, congregants and friends of the Congregation together climbed the hill to Lilienfeld House where we continued our celebration with a very festive oneg at which we shared good food and friendship.
     On Saturday, our Rededication program continued with a Shabbat morning service and two very enjoyable and enlightening workshops led by Cantor Wolff and Rabbi Boxman. Since Jews cannot have a real celebration without food playing a role, we concluded our Rededication celebration with a marvelous lunch prepared by Helen Goldman, Iris Horwitz, and Ella Ogden and sponsored by our Sisterhood. This was a weekend we will not forget. We are all still basking in the afterglow.
     Thanks to all of you who made it possible - the donors who contributed so generously to the Restoration, Marilyn Blackhall, who worked so passionately with Rabbi Heyman and Cantor Wolff to create a beautiful service, Ella Ogden, our Office Administrator who worked so diligently on our Rededication Service book, Sisterhood, Judi Nagelberg, who did such a marvelous job of organizing the oneg, and Albert Lynch, who stepped in at the last moment to support our choir and Cantor Wolff at the piano.
     Trudie Prior
     President of the Congregation
     Restoration Donor Plaques Installed
     Just in time for our Rededication Service on March 15, 2002, we installed our new donor recognition plaques acknowledging major contributors to the Restoration of the Synagogue. The etched glass plaques are on display in the Weibel Museum at the rear of our sanctuary. We have included all donors who contributed $1,000 or more.
     News from ARZA/WORLD UNION, North America
     ARZA/WORLD UNION, North America Applauds the Supreme Court
     ARZA/WORLD UNION, the representative of North American Reform Jewry on Israel issues, today hailed the historic Israeli Supreme Court ruling that has ordered the State of Israel to recognize as Jews all people who have undergone conversions, including those administered by Reform and Conservative rabbis.
      "This is an historic day. It marks the first time that the government of Israel officially recognizes non-orthodox conversions. Now, finally, Israeli citizens, living in Israel, who have undergone Reform conversions, will enjoy the same rights and standing as all other Israeli Jews," said Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch, executive director of ARZA/WORLD UNION, North America.
     Rabbi Hirsch was at the Israeli Supreme Court this morning for the 9 a.m. ruling along with Philip Meltzer, president of ARZA/WORLD UNION, North America. ARZA/World Union and the Israel Religious Action Center have led the fight legally and politically on this issue for more than a decade.
     "We are delighted by this news," Meltzer said.
     "At such a difficult time in Israel, this is a paramount statement about worldwide Jewish unity. The Supreme Court has affirmed that all of us - Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and secular - are of the same people, no matter how we got here," Meltzer said.
     Today's ruling will have a profound impact on hundreds of thousands of Israelis.
     "We do not seek - nor do we expect - the recognition of the Orthodox establishment in Israel, but we trust and expect that they will abide by this legal decision - the new Law of the Land. The last thing we need right now is a renewed international struggle over 'Who is a Jew?'" Hirsch said.
     In the late 1990s there was widespread acrimony over the status of non-Orthodox Jewry.
     "This is a great day for Reform Judaism and a great day for all Israel," Hirsch said.
     For more information please call ARZA/WORLD UNION, North America at 212-650-4280
     ARZA/WORLD UNION, North America is the representative of North America's Reform Jewish community for issues pertaining to Israel and Zionism, as well as the voice of matters related to Reform Judaism worldwide. ARZA/WORLD UNION, North America is the North American representative of the World Union for Progressive Judaism and is an affiliate of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations.
     Update from MAZON, A Jewish response to hunger
     While disaster relief is not its primary mission, MAZON is alert to possibilities to make a difference in the lives of people suffering in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks.
     Given all of your past support for MAZON's anti-hunger efforts, we wanted to provide you with this brief update on two significant emergency grants that are reflective of MAZON's ability to address the changing nature of hunger on both the domestic and global fronts. Further, we continue to be a pillar of support to over 200 grantees annually, distributing this year over $3 million dollars due to the tzedakah provided by the generosity of the Jewish community.
     International Rescue Committee: $20,000
     Emergency Assistance for Afghan refugee families.
     The people of Afghanistan face an unprecedented humanitarian crisis following decades of civil war, three years of severe drought, and the recent displacement of millions in the wake of the military campaign against terrorism. Already, an estimated 5.5 million Afghans, the majority of them women and children, are dependent on food aid for survival.
     The IRC is one of only a few international humanitarian agencies still operating on the ground in Afghanistan. MAZON's donation will be applied to assist some of the most vulnerable Afghan families - with emergency provisions including food baskets, tents, firewood, and hygiene kits.
     Nutrition Consortium of NYS: $3,000
     Assessment of the Disaster Food Stamp Program
     The Disaster Food Stamp Program is authorized by Congress to waive certain eligibility guidelines in emergency situations. Following the chaos of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, thousands of New Yorkers eligible for emergency food stamp assistance did receive it; yet thousands of others did not.
      To help to assure preparedness for anticipated future disasters, the Nutrition Consortium of NYS, a long-time MAZON grantee, proposed to formally assess the strengths and failures of the Disaster Food Stamp program as applied to the New York experience. MAZON's donation will fund about half of the cost of an estimated 40-page report, that will be released in February, 2002, to agencies that may have to provide future emergency food stamp relief in response to other potential terrorist attacks.
     For additional MAZON updates, please visit
     If you offer your compassion to the hungry
     And satisfy the famished creature
     Then shall your light shine in darkness
     And your gloom shall be like noonday
     --Isaiah 58:10
     Donations to Mazon can be mailed to:
     MAZON, A Jewish Response to Hunger
     1990 South Bound Drive, Suite 260
     Los Angeles, CA 90025-5252
     Thank you to all our members and friends who make a donation to Mazon at each Erev Shabbat dinner, Passover Seder, and life cycle event. Mazon monies collected through the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas are divided equally between the local charities and the national MAZON organization.
     From the Youth Group
     The Temple Youth Group has had two art sessions to create a quilt that will be donated to Quilts for Kids, a group collecting quilts for children who lost a parent in the September 11 attacks.
     Using acrylic paint and fabrics, the Youth Group members designed and created squares with Jewish and Caribbean themes. Batik fabric with stars of David separate the squares and border the entire quilt. Youth Group advisor Phebe Schwartz is currently machine quilting the entire surface.
     This quilt will be on display in the synagogue soon, along with the quilts made by the Hebrew school students, and the Sisterhood. Our congregation will be sending the three quilts to Quilts for Kids after they are all displayed.
     If other members of the congregation would like to join in this effort to provide comfort to the children of September 11, please contact Phebe at 775-2739.
     From the Auction Committee
      Despite the heavens opening up at mid-morning when crowds were gathering, our third annual Antiques, Art, and Collectibles Auction on Feb. 3 drew nearly 250 buyers and browsers who ensured the success of this increasingly popular event.
      And it was a HUGE success. This year's auction raised more money than the previous two, topping our budgeted goal of $42,000.
      Money raised from the auction - the Synagogue's only major fund-raiser - helps us to maintain and keep open to the public our 169-year-old Synagogue, a National Historic Landmark.
      Auctioneer Bruce Wilson of St. Croix, undaunted by the deluges that drenched the courtyard of the Old Stone Farm House, started the auction promptly at noon and rapped the final gavel at 3:30 - another record! Our first auction went until dark.
      Auction items went for a low of $50 for a blanc de china figurine to $5,800 for a chaise lounge in the Birch Collection. And there were bargains galore - $950 for a huge hand-knotted Oriental rug, $800 for a signed and numbered Chagall lithograph, $500 for a large mahogany dining table.
      Among those who raked in the bargains was Gov. Charles W. Turnbull, who has been a stalwart at all three of the Synagogue's Antiques Auctions.
      Not everyone got into the bidding wars. But nearly everyone took home some small treasure from the sales tables. Manned by a small army of volunteers, the tables laden with jewelry and collectibles raised nearly $6,000 - yet another record.
      Trudie Prior, the President of the Congregation, thanked the scores of volunteers who make the auction possible each year, Brian and Julie Katz of the Old Stone Farmhouse, and all of this year's donors and buyers who made it so successful.
     "This auction is a terrific event where people have fun - even in the rain - and get great buys," Prior said. "People on all three islands look forward to it as a wonderful social gathering, and antiques aficionados here and abroad know they can find some very high-quality items."
     Now, it's on to the 2003 auction! Mark the date - Sunday, Feb. 2, 2003.
     Penny Feuerzeig, Chair
     Antiques, Art, and Collectibles Auction
     From our Friends
     Please give everyone our love and our thanks. We will miss everyone very much. Our life is forever changed because of our year in St. Thomas. We will never forget you all. We very much hope to meet folks when they come to Israel.
     We're sorry we had to leave so fast but, it was now or wait for months. All the flights were booked solid because it was so close to Pesach. The only flight out for 5 people was Monday morning at 8am.
     Thanks to Neil and Trudie, for making it possible for us to stay here for the year. Thanks to Rabbi Zarchi, Donald, Sandy, Mina, Herb, Jay, Kanit, Ella for helping with our Aliyah from letters to phone calls which made it all possible. Thanks to Donald and Richard Klein who made the right phone calls at a key moment to change the tide. Thanks to Ran Sagee from the Jewish Agency for working so hard for us.
     Thanks to Jay and Kanit for teaching us and being more than surrogate grandparents for our children. Thanks to Herb and Iris for inspiring teaching, praying with us and for their wonderful example. Thanks to Coleen, Andrea, Lisanne, and Lori for studying with us on Shabbat. Thanks to Dick for his wonderful discussions. Thanks to Helen, Rhoda, Marilyn, Mina, Rochelle, and the rest of the sisterhood who helped to make Hannah part of the group. Thanks to everyone who helped us find the best new family and for giving us hope that there are wonderful people in the world.
     We hope we have not left anyone out but this truly has been just about the most wonderful year of our lives so far.
     Dreams have literally come true here and we learned more in this last year than just about any other time in our lives. You all helped change the course of our lives forever and we hope that we can make you all proud of the course which you helped set us on. It is your examples which will forever provide the foundation for the generations of family which will follow us in Judiasm. I hope we can represent your examples well.
     Please visit us in Israel!
     This year in Jerusalem! WE MADE IT!
     Jehoshua, Channah, Shmuel, Yael, and Shirah Rachman
     Warm Welcome to New Members to the Congregation
     Michelle and Gerald Johnson and their three daughters, Sarah Page, Leah Jade, and Isabella Naomi; George and Laurie Jesner; Tully and Michele Plesser; Stephen Feinberg and Susan Foote.
     Todah Rabah - Thank you very much to:
     Teri and Dick Golden for a beautiful Havdalah set; Sisterhood for sponsoring all the First Friday Erev Shabbat dinners; to Sisterhood for sponsoring, preparing, and setting the beautiful and delicious luncheon on the weekend of Rededication; to Helen Goldman for organizing the Seder.
     Mazel Tov to:
     Ellisha Greenhood and Steve Kameny on their engagement
     Michelle and Gerald Johnson on birth of their daughter, Isabella Naomi Johnson, sister to Sarah Page and Leah Jade Johnson
     Jackie Jeffries on the birth of her newest grandson, Cameron Christopher Copeland, son of Stacy and Kenneth Copeland.
     Happy Anniversary
     Michael and Nadia Adell - 5/5
     Michelle and Gerald Johnson - 6/1
     Neil and Trudie Prior - 6/6
     Ed and Marge Kalik - 6/6
     Andrew & Joyce Stillman - 6/8
     Julie and Ralph Evert - 6/10
     Murray and Joan King - 6/11
     Rabbi Stephen and Nina Schafer - 6/18
     Rabbi Jay Heyman & Kanit Cottrell - 6/28
     Shlomo and Bettina Shock - 7/1
     Terry and Arthur Halpern - 7/19
     Jim and Becky Tunick - 7/27
     Carol Schatten & Andrea Sardelli - 7/30
     Alexandra and Samuel Laing - 7/30
     Happy Birthday - Ad Meah V'Esreem
      05/01 Ross Halpern
     05/02 Herb Horwitz
     05/03 Stanley T. Relkin
     05/07 Steve Lipsey
     05/10 Michael Adell
     05/14 Per Dohm
     05/19 Chelsea Nicolle Laing
     05/19 Julie Evert
     05/20 Jacob Sottak
     05/20 Zachary Schafer
     05/21 Doris Pomeranz
     05/26 Helen Goldman
     05/28 Stephen Prosterman
     05/29 Leslie Cooper
     06/02 Samuel Jacobs-Matthew
     06/03 Dania Ebenholtz
     06/09 Joyce Stillman
     06/09 Mikki Lipsey
     06/10 Kanit Cottrell
     06/10 Julian Blazar
     06/15 Rabbi Jay Heyman
     06/17 Arthur Halpern
     06/17 Margaret Cohen
     06/23 Eileen Lapin
     06/24 Donald Sussman
     06/27 Sanford Grishman
     06/29 Elissa Runyon
     06/29 Katina Coulianos
     07/06 Michelle Johnson
     07/11 Greg Ebenholtz
     07/12 Marianne Blazar
     07/18 Ben Sottak
     07/20 Jason Ellick
     07/22 Shaina Pomeranz
     07/23 Danielle Ebenholtz
     07/29 Nathan Sell
     07/29 Ella Ogden
     07/30 Andrea Sardelli
     General Fund: Krim Balentine; Marilyn and George Blackhall donations in honor of Ellisha Greenhood & Steve Kameny's engagement, Owen Goldberg's birth, Larry Goldman's birthday, Teri Golden's birthday, and Charlotte Paiewonsky's birthday; Frances & Stuart Eizenstat in honor of Isidor and Charlotte Paiewonsky; Penny & Hank Feuerzeig speedy recovery to Ilene Miller; Isidor Grossman in honor of Honor Tranum's birthday; Andy & Joyce Stein in honor of Andrea Hayman's birthday.
     Nancy Jacobs Fund: Al & Margaret Cohen; Pomeranz Family in memory of Ron Dick; Rabbi and Nina Stephen Schafer in memory of Joel Michael Schafer.
     Restoration: Dr. Peter & Sheila Wunsh.
     Yahrzeit: M/M Stanley Adoff in memory of Dr. George Gottlieb; Fred Aizen in memory of Josef Garfinkel; Joyce Adolfsen in memory of Ethel Heller Paiewonsky; Paula & George Akst in memory of Leonard Berkman; Barbara & Aaron Ast donations in memory of Abraham Ast, David Marlowe, and Sarah Ast; Robert & Karen Atchick in memory of Morris Kretchmar; Herbert Balin in memory of Anna Lustig; Frances Bangel donations in memory of Stanley Bangel and Herman Dorf; M/M Robert Bayne in memory of Ben E. Bayne; Barbara Benson in memory of David Zenchoff; Edith Blazar in memory of Leonard Blazar; Marc and Marianne Blazar in memory of Leonard Blazar; Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Block in memory of Tillie Block; Harry Blum in memory of Carolyn K. Blum; M/M Sam Borr donations in memory of Caroline Borr, and Hyman Avratin; Esther Brenner in memory of Elsie Brenner; Esther Bromberg in memory of Minnie Orchovsky; M/M David Bruck in memory of Sigmund Bruck; M/M Ernest Camis in memory of Margarethe Kollman; M/M Alan Cochin in memory of Mark Cochin; Lya Cordova Latta donations in memory of Walter Gruber, M.D., and Dr. Reuben Cordova; M/M David Corito in memory of Leonard Ross; M/M Reynold Corn in memory of Pearl Gerstel; Franzi Coulianos donations in memory of Hannah Levin Christensen and Capt. Costas H. Coulianos; Marvin Crane in memory of Hannah Golderger; M/M Bernard Delin in memory of Ethel Kampf; M/M Robert Danzinger donations in memory of Maurice Hazen and Harriet Danzinger; Irving Dwosh in memory of Sam Dwosh; M/M Reid Edles in memory of Murray Polner; Gerld Foreman & Dr. Sue Ellen Antell donations in memory of Jean Foreman, Abe Gerchick, and Frank Foreman; George Fox in memory of Sophie Weiner Fox; M/M Louis Freedman donations in memory of Beth Lynn Rice and Edyth Lein; M/M Alan Fuchsman in memory of Minnie Fuchsman and Julius L. Fuchsman; M/M Bob Ganz in memory of Joan Ganz; Melvin Gart donations in memory of Abraham Gart, Kibby Gart, Rebecca Gart, and Gloria Gart; Dorothy Gerard donations in memory of Adolf Henry Wolf, Morris Greenberg, and Jacob Gerard; M/M Walter Gertz in memory of Rachel Gertz; M/M Alvin Golden in memory of Rose F. Golden and Murray Schechter; Henry & Margrit Goldstein in memory of Hermine Goldstein; Henry Gould donations in memory of Helen Gould and Goldie Mitnick; M/M Jeffrey Gould in memory of Herbert Kulwin; Marilyn Green in memory of Dr. Meyer Kaplan; M/M Morton Greenberg donations in memory of Louis Herman and Gertrude Greenberg; M/M Seymour Greenberg donations in memory of Shirley Mande, Jennie Greenberg, and Julius Greenberg; Sybil Greenfield in memory of Sara Nitzberg; Diane Gross donations in memory of Hannah Isaccson and Hyman Isaacson; Dr. Allan Grossman in memory of Dorothy E. Roth; Dr. Stephen Gullo in memory of Pernice Rose Gullo; M/M Sidney Harris in memory of Frank J. Harris and Harriett Harris; M/M Ray Harter in memory of Bernice Hoffeld; Randy & Peri Hinden in memory of Milton Hinden; Diane Hirsch donations in memory of Harold B. Hirsch and Lynn F. Hirsch; M/M Stanley Hochberg in memory of Hyman Hochberg; M/M Benjamin Hyman donations in memory of Wolfred Hyman and James Donahue; M/M Alan Jaffe in memory of Herman Jaffe; Dr. & Mrs. Seymour Jeffries in memory of Pauline Selzer; Ed and Mrage Kalik in memory of Anna Kalik; M/M Louis Katz in memory of Leonard Blazar; Ray & Ilene Kasch in memory of Sumner J. Spielman and Celia Spielman; Ray & Ilene Kasch in memory of Dr. Henry I. Kasch; M/M Robert Kaufman in memory of Naomi Kaufman; Blanch Keno in memory of Ralph Keno; M/M Leonard Kestenbaum in memory of Gisela Kestenbaum; M/M Roy Klein in memory of Aaron Fein; Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Kolkin in memory of Rebecca Kolkin; M/M Stanley Krause donations in memory of Louis Krause, Hermine Kline, Anna Bernstein, Rose Krause, and Joseph Krause; Marilyn Kreke in memory of Enrique H. Moron; Howard & Jane Kupperman in memory of Jacob Kupperman; M/M Michael Kurcias in memory of Ian Lowenkorn; Jacqueline Kweit in memory of Royal Kweit; Eileen Lapin donations in memory of Stanley Lapin and Florence Lapin; Matthew Lefkowitz in memory of Matthew Lefkowitz; Abraham Lerman in memory of Jacob Lerman; M/M Elliott Lieberman in memory of Benjamin Lieberman; M/M Ted Liebman in memory of Hester Liebman; Dr. Daniel & Gesine Locker in memory of Solomon J. Locker; M/M Warren Lupson donations in memory of Mitchell Lupson and Lowery T. Bishop; Michael Mallin in memory of Roslyn Mallin; M/M Don Mandel in memory of Leon Mandel and Nissim Bedjai; Liza Margolis in memory of Nanci B. Margolis; Bette Karp McMorrow in memory of Jack Arnold Karp; Gail Meister in memory of Nathan Meister; Henry & Fredelle Menin donations in memory of Margaret Menin and Max Klein; M/M Louis Michaelson donations in memory of Philip Scherl, William S. Blau, and Bea Blau; M/M Arthur Miller donations in memory of Betty Geller, Max Geller, and Mollie Miller; Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Miller in memory of Gertrude Mankowitz Titelman; Mel & Ilene Miller in memory of Mina Miller; Alayne & J.D. Mooney in memory of Robert A. (Buddy) Ginsberg; Margaret Moron in memory of Guido S. Moron; Sol & Dorothy Muchnick in memory of Elijah E. Perlberg; Lillian Musnik in memory of Joseph Musnik; M/M Richard Nelson in memory of Irving E. Nelson; M/M William Newman donations in memory of Robert Odess and Philip Scott Odess; Dr. & Mrs. Sol Nussbaum in memory of Moises Kirstein; Mina Orenstein donations in memory of Esther Handelman and Sue Ballin; Lt. Col. George Orloff donations in memory of Samuel Orloff and Meyer Diamond; Rosalie Palatnik in memory of Leah Sloven; Morris Paiewonsky donations in memory of Hulda Paiewonsky and Anna Paiewonsky; M/M Phil Pitkofsky donations in memory of Abe Pitkofsky and Beatrice Salony; Rita Pomerantz donations in memory of William Pomerantz, Yetta Cooperman, David Pomerantz, Issy Cooperman, and Bess Port; David & Nana Puritz donations in memory of Peter Hyman, Sarah Becker Camhi, Max Maltz, Martin Hyman, and Dorothy Maltz; Jackie & Ronnie Reckseit in memory of Pheobe Reckseit; Allen & Ellen Relkin in memory of Mildred Relkin; Harold Resnikoff in memory of Sylvia Nash and Lillian Resnikoff; Arthur Rheingold in memory of Abraham Joseph March; Leona Ritter in memory of Anna Bernstein Turk and Benjamin Turk; Sybil & Kurt Ronis in memory of Cilly Ronis; David Rosenberg in memory of Sally Rosenberg; M/M Leonid Rubinshteyn in memory of Roman Ostashinski; Michael & Audrey Rubner in memory of Maurice Rubner; Elissa Runyon donations in memory of Sylvia Cohen, Meyer Rock and Yetta Rock; M/M Howard Saks donations in memory of Philip Benjamin and Evelyn Hauben; Vivian Salley in memory of Sylvia Higgs; Dr. & Mrs. Barry Schneider in memory of Fanny Minsk; M/M Richard Schrier donations in memory of Pauline Goldman and Sam Schrier; Burton Schwartz in memory of Frances Schwartz and Irving Leventhal; Perry & Arlene Schwartz in memory of Max David Schwartz; M/M Harry Segal in memory of Meyer Dolinsky; Gary Sherman in memory of Eli Shostack; M/M Henry Shulman in memory of Frances R. Eber; M/M Leonard Sidersky in memory of Nathan Sidersky and Fannie Donn Sidersky; Lee & Barbara Singer in memory of Edith Singer; M/M David Simms in memory of Mel Philips; M/M Paul Sklar donations in memory of Irving B. Bennett and Cyril Barnett Bennett; Helen Smith in memory of Marion Smith; Jeanne Spielvogel in memory of Henry Spielvogel; M/M Elliott Spierman donations in memory of Evelyn Weissblum and Melvin Spierman; Dr. & Mrs. Martin Stahl in memory of Pincus A. Stahl M.D., and Rosalynn Sherman; Steve & Martha Stein in memory of Elizabeth Harrelson; Lawrence Steinberg in memory of Sidney Steinberg and Pearle David; Harry Sydel in memory Margot Loewy; Wendy & Abe Tarapani donations in memory of Matilda Davis and David Gad; Dr. Murray Tieger in memory of Louis Tieger and Mildred E. Tieger; Harriet Tullman in memory of Arthur Tullman; Jim & Becky Tunick donations in memory of David Tunick and Jennie Tunick; Philip Vedus donations in memory of Jennie Vedus, Harry Vedus and Sandra June Vedus; Norman Weinstein in memory of Aaron Weinstein; Richard & Suzanne Weinstein in memory of Kate Weinstein; David & Sylvia Weisberg in memory of Louis Levenburg; Barbara & Jim Woldow in memory of Abraham J. Handler; M/M David Wolf donations in memory of Gabriel Wolf and Bee Wolf; Sanford Young in memory of Pearl Young; Dr. & Richard Zimon in memory of Maxwell Kream.
     We thank you all.

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