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Linda Starr's brisket

     Brisket, about 4 pounds
     1 C ketchup
     1 pkg. onion soup mix
     1/2 C brown sugar
     1/2 C cider vinegar
      Optional: carrots and potatoes
     Blend all ingredients and pour over brisket. Bake 3-4 hours at 350 in Dutch oven. Best when cooked the day before serving, sliced and reheated in gravy.
      Best when served with kugel, on Shabbat, with candles, wine, challah, family and good friends.

Donald's delicious latkes (eat 'em while they're hot!)
   Donald Pomeranz has been the star latke maker in our congregation for years. Here's his recipe for "the great latke." It's not quite exact in its measurements but try it!
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2009-10-21 16:26:38
Iris's green olive chicken
   Here's an easy and delicious recipe for baked chicken with olives, lemon and tomatoes.
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2009-09-08 14:43:54
Penny's salad dressings
   It's easy to make your own salad dressings, and they're much better than bottled versions.
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2009-06-24 13:15:26
Linda Starr's brisket
   This is easy and delicious!
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2008-11-19 15:57:16