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Trudie Prior is Sisterhood's 'Person of the Year'
   Trudie Prior -- a woman who has been involved in every aspect of Synagogue life -- was named Sisterhood's "Person of the Year" during the Friday night, March 23, Erev Shabbat service.
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2001-03-24 10:37:56
Camille Pissarro: a most illustrious former memberCamille Pissarro
   Camille Pissarro, the father of French Impressionism, was born on St. Thomas -- and his birth is recorded in the archives of the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas.
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2000-07-05 11:28:09
Jews first settled in St. Thomas in 17th century
   The island of St. Thomas was officially settled in 1665. There is documentary evidence that Jews lived here from that time, having come to the island as shop owners, ship chandlers and brokers, entrepreneurs in sugar, rum and molasses and traders between Europe and the American colonies.
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2000-07-05 11:27:42
Our rabbis
   The Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas has had only 10 Rabbis throughout its years. The first two Rabbis, David Cardoze and Moses Sasso, served for a combined 102 years, from 1864 to 1966.
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2000-07-05 11:26:57
Past presidents of our congregation
   The Hebrew Congregation boasts two former Virgin Islands governors among its past presidents: Morris F. deCastro and Ralph M. Paiewonsky.
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2000-07-05 11:26:26
Woman of the Year/Person of the Year
   Here's the list of Sisterhood honorees as Woman of the Year from 1981 to 1997 and Person of the Year in 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2004.
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2000-07-05 11:24:58
Past Sisterhood presidents
   The women of the Hebrew Congregation have historically been a strong and vibrant force in the synagogue's community life. This is thanks in part to strong, vibrant leadership.
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2000-01-13 11:04:44

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