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Trudie Prior is Sisterhood's 'Person of the Year'

     Trudie Prior -- a woman who has been involved in every aspect of Synagogue life -- was named Sisterhood's "Person of the Year" during the Friday night, March 23, Erev Shabbat service.
     Trudie has been president of the Congregation for two years, and has been active in virtually every Synagogue event and activity since she moved to St. Thomas in 1993.
     Jackie Jeffries, Sisterhood president, made the official presentation -- the 20th such award since Sisterhood started it (originally as "Woman of the Year") in 1981.
     A surprised and pleased Trudie Prior thanked Sisterhood and said she was honored. She noted that she hadn't realized the award could go to someone still in office!
     Donald Pomeranz and Penny Feuerzeig, two previous recipients, did the honors of introducing this year's winner. The name is traditionally kept secret until the presentation is made. Past winners select each year's honoree.
     A copy of Donald and Penny's remarks follows:
     Donald: Penny, we've got problems with the religious school. Who do you think we should call?
     Penny: There's an auction committee meeting at 6 o'clock and a restoration meeting at 7:30. I wonder who'll show up.
     Donald: The board is totally split over this issue again - who's going to resolve this?
     Penny: We need to do some outreach to the younger children. Who's going to take care of it?
     Donald: The usher didn't show up. Who's going to fill in?
     Penny: Ella needs help with the computer. Who'll make sure it gets taken care of?
     Donald: We've GOT to do something about the music. Who's going to make sure that happens?
     Penny: We need a place for a havdallah service that can accommodate 30 people. Any ideas?
     Donald: We need someone to cook a main dish for those 30 people? Who's the best prospect?
     Penny: Who's going to contact the St. John people about helping with the auction?
     Donald: Who's going to show up at the warehouse to wash down and polish the furniture for the auction?
     Penny: Who's going to find a place to hold the facockta auction?
     Donald: Who's going to buy the furniture at the auction?
     Penny: We've got to find someone to go on Addie Ottley's show to talk about the Jewish community here. Who can do that?
     Donald: We really ought to have people from our congregation go to Curacao to help them celebrate their 350th anniversary. Who's the most likely one to lead the delegation?
     Penny: The answer is clear: The person who fills all these roles, and does it generously, effectively and graciously, is Trudie Prior, Sisterhood's Person of the Year.
     Donald: Trudie is a woman who can shift from one role to another with ease. When we need her to get down in the trenches, she can suit up in shorts, a T-shirt and sneakers and get into the nitty-gritty work with the rest of us. When we need her to dress to the nines and represent us in the community, she's there with style, class and enthusiasm - the belle of the ball!
     Penny: Details don't escape or daunt Trudie. Whether it's pulling children into some form of Jewish education, or sitting down with auction volunteers to talk about finding more collectibles, or working with the Rabbi to involve more congregants in Synagogue activities, Trudie pitches in - and she does it efficiently, effectively and nicely.
     Donald: Trudie is a pleasure to work with. She doesn't put on airs. She's not a prima donna, and she rarely loses her cool.
     Penny: You're right. She's warm, she's hameshe, and she's got a great sense of humor - in spite of all the pressure she's under with her Coral World responsibilities, her community work and her Synagogue duties.
     Donald: So, Trudie, come on up here so we can give you a big hug and kiss!
      Note: For a list of past Women of the Year and Persons of the Year, see story below.

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