Rosh Hashanah care packages sent to kids away

     Holiday care packages connected our Congregation with young people away at college or in the military. Adam Ringel, for one, was delighted.
     In a thank you note he wrote:
     Dear Rabbi Moch, honored Board of Directors and congregants,
     Thank you for the New Year 5771 candy and honey cake that were mailed to me in San Francisco. I've been busy with work and it was great to have sweet treats to enjoy during my down time. The best thing of all, though, was how nice it is to know you are thinking of me and supporting me even after I moved off island.
     Thank you again.
     Best wishes for the New Year.
     The honey cakes were baked by Jessica Rosenberg, a stalwart of the Congregation's holiday packages to our kids -- and hers! -- who are away.