Pesach packages are a hit with 18-24 year olds

Dylan Rosenberg, one happy recipient
Dylan Rosenberg, one happy recipient
     Rabbi Moch and a group of congregants put together a package of goodies for 24 college students and military personnel away for the holidays -- and the response was happy gratitude.
     Dylan Rosenberg wrote this note to Rabbi Moch and the congregation:
     "Thank you so much for the Passover package! It really made me happy and I held my own little seder with my brother and friends. I really appreciated it. Hope all is well!"
     Nathan Sell, spending a semester in Australia, was delighted to get his package too -- and shared its contents with friends. His note to his mom, Katina Coulianos, said this:
     "I got the Passover package today (a little late but nothing was stale, ha ha). I got a bit of matzah, some marror (actual root), dates and pecans for haroset, some matzah ball soup mix and a hagadah. There was also a note which was really nice. I am amazed that the package got through Australian customs which is very strict but all of the questionable items like dates and nuts, etc. were wrapped in tinfoil and I guess didnt look like much in the X-ray (smart Jews, hehe). I am going to try and make the soup tomorrow night and make as many little balls as possible to spread the wealth, I have seen a couple of the Jews drooling over that Manachevitz box already.
     "I'll send a thank you post card soon (after exams) but it was a fun package. Oh and did I mention there was a tamarind!"
     From Jason Ackerman in New York came this e-mail to the rabbi:
     "Thank you so much for sending me the mini-seder Passover gift-box. My roommate and I did the 2 minute seder and it was awesome. We appreciated being able to celebrate Passover in a relaxing style but still celebrate the traditions that we are used to with our family and friends."
     His brother Adam wrote this to the rabbi:
     "Thank you so much for your Passover care package. The package really made me feel as if I was at home to celebrate the Passover seder. I used most of the package at my own seder and I can not thank you enough. Thank you so much and I am looking forward to getting back down to the Virgin Islands to thank you personally."
     The packages were lovingly put together and mailed by Rabbi Moch and daughter Shira, Donald Pomeranz (liaison with the youth groups) and daughter Samantha, Jessica and Morgan Rosenberg, and Chelsea Laing.