Friends of the Congregation make a big difference

     Friends of the Hebrew Congregation give generously each year to bridge the gap between revenues from our traditional sources -- dues, Chai membership, fund-raising -- and the expenses of running our Synagogue.
     These people make a tremendous difference in the life of our Congregation, and we are grateful to all of them.
     Here are the Friends for 2006-07. If we've left you off the list, please let us know.
     Friends for Life
     Ambassador Henry and Charlotte Kimelman
     Benefactors ($5,000 or more)
     Louise Fishman, Bob Fishman and Jeff Fishman
     Al and Margaret Cohen
     Herbert and Bonnie Hirsch
     Kenneth and Sherry Fardie
     Donald S. Sussman
     Al and Margaret Cohen
     Patrons ($2,500 - $4,999)
     Dr. Jerome Reisberg
     Andrew and Monique Midler
     Abe & Wendy Tarapani
     Sustainers ($1,000 - $2,499)
     Bert Cohen
     Franzi Coulianos
     Les & Eva Cooper
     Steve & Eileen Berlin
     Loren & Mary Nickbarg
     Sandy and Marilyn Grishman
     Jared Falek
     Harvey & Glenda Werbel
     Friends ($500 - $999)
     Murray & Joan King
     Gary & Stacy Shapiro
     George & Jessica Rosenberg
     Michael Weinman
     Larry & Helen Goldman
     Terry & Art Halpern
     Mel & Ilene Miller
     Ira Lubert
     Judi Nagelberg
     Marty & Carole Goldberg
     Morris Paiewonsky
     Lou & Marilu Stern
     Jim & Becky Tunick
     Neil Weiss
     Donald Pomeranz
     April & Jerry Weiner
     Trudie & Neil Prior