A very special baby-naming

Adam Sandler with Sadie Madison
Adam Sandler with Sadie Madison
     Was that Adam Sandler in our Synagogue, sitting with his wife and baby in one of our mahogany pews? It certainly was!
      On Friday evening, June 23, movie star and comedian Adam Sandler and his wife Jackie joined us for services. They were in town for the Bar and Bat Mitzvah of Adam's niece and nephew the following morning.
      The Sandlers have been friends of Rabbi and Linda Starr for more than 30 years.
      As long as Adam and Jackie were coming here, Rabbi Starr offered to have a naming ceremony for their 6-week-old daughter, Sadie Madison Sandler, which was held during our Friday evebning service. Adam has been most gracious in supporting our annual Antiques, Art and Collectibles Auction so it was nice to be able to thank him in person.