Doris Pomeranz is 2006 Person of the Year

Doris Pomeranz
Doris Pomeranz
     Doris Pomeranz was the surprise -- and surprised -- recipient of Sisterhood's 2006 Person of the Year award, which was presented at the Erev Shabbat service Friday, May 5.
     She was lured to the service on a ruse, believing that she and daughters Shaina and Samantha were taking part in a service to honor our recently retired administrator, Ella Ogden. To say Doris was stunned when her name was called is an understatement. Many accusatory statements escaped her lips, with mild threats leveled at those who deceived her.
     The Person of the Year is chosen by past recipients, who reach consensus on honoring someone who has contributed year in and year out to our Congregation and community. The choice is always kept secret until the name is announced and a plaque presented at the annual award service.
     This year's presentation was made by Penny Feuerzeig, who also persuaded Doris to attend the service. Here's Penny's presentation:
     The person we're honoring tonight has been a mainstay of this congregation for more years than I care to count.
     Our honoree carted children to religious school, kvelled when they took their place on the bima, sent them off to Eisner Camp and reinforced their commitment to Judaism at every turn.
     Tonight's awardee has also taken seriously the biblical admonition to honor our fathers and mothers, extending that commandment to include the elderly in our congregation. But the commitment to others has gone beyond the elderly. It embraces young people too, including some who desperately needed that extra TLC and attention.
     Our honoree is a behind-the-scenes worker, one who avoids the limelight. But worker is the operative word here. This person has the tenacity of a bulldog, organizational skills that would be the envy of any CEO, computer savvy, a keen intelligence and a razor-sharp wit - all of which have benefited this congregation.
     So let me introduce our 2006 Person of the Year…Doris Pomeranz.
     Doris is a good example of dayenu.
     If she had only helped to ensure that her three beautiful daughters had a strong commitment to Judaism, dayenu.
     If she had only taken the Jacobs boys under her protective wing after Nancy died and had only made sure that they got the best possible education, driving them to and from school and overseeing their homework day after day, week after week, dayenu.
     If she had only visited Dee Greene regularly and carted her to services and doctors' visits and other appointments, even when Dee was at her most ornery, dayenu.
     If she had only taken charge of the catalogue for the Antiques Auction from the first year to today, writing the letters and sending invoices and tracking payments and brow-beating non-payers and working with the graphic artist and designing ads and smoothing ruffled feathers, dayenu.
     But she did all these things and more. In the process she has brought honor to our congregation - HER congregation. Tonight's award is a small reflection of the enormous esteem, affection and gratitude we feel for Doris Jane Pomeranz, our 2006 Person of the Year.