New slate of officers nominated

     Helen Goldman has been nominated for president and Greg Ebenholtz has been nominated for vice president of the board of representatives. The vote will be at the Annual Meeting on May 31.
     Here is the letter from Congregation President Katina Coulianos detailing the nominations for officers and board representatives.
     May 1, 2006
     Dear Congregation Members:
     The Annual Meeting of the Congregation will be held on Wednesday, May 31, 2006, at Lilienfeld House at 5:30 p.m. We will begin with a light meal and period to review committee reports. I hope each one of you will make a special effort to attend. It is always nice to get together and see one another. But, it is even more important to participate in the governance of YOUR congregation.
     Prior to the business portion of the meeting, committee members will be available to informally answer questions arising from the reports. You may also wish to walk around Lilienfeld House, stand on our new and very firm retaining wall, and see the drainage, water proofing and security improvements around the building. The important business this year is the proposed budget and the election of officers and Board members. The proposed slate is enclosed for your review. The budget, the minutes of last year's meeting and the agenda will be mailed to you later in the month.
     Please note, if you will be out of the Territory on May 31, our new Bylaws provide for absentee (not proxy) ballots. They also provide that petitions for additions to the slate may be made if signed by ten members in good standing. Such a petition must be received by the office 15 days prior to the meeting, so the final slate can be mailed to the membership 10 days before the meeting. If you require an absentee ballot, please contact the office (774-4312) as soon as possible. It will be sent to you with the final slate, and must be returned by mail or fax (774-3249) to the office no later than Friday, May 26.
     I look forward to seeing you on May 31. This will be my last Annual Meeting as President. Over the past four years, when overwhelmed, I have commented that this was like a second job. Yes, but it has more importantly been an honor, and at times an education, to serve in this position. I appreciate the efforts and support of Rabbi Starr, the Board members, the Synagogue staff, our many volunteers, and all our caring members. I would not have been able to get through without all of you. Thank you.
     Katina E. Coulianos
     President, Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas
     The Nominating Committee presented the following proposed slate to the Board of Representatives at the meeting on May 1, 2006.
     Officers of the Congregation:
     Helen Goldman, President (two year term)
     Greg Ebenholtz, Vice President (two year term)
     Members of the Board:
     Penny Feuerzeig (her second three-year term)
     Marilyn Blackhall (her first three-year term)
     Dennis Miller (his first three-year term)
     Harvey Werbel (his first three-year term)
     Elections will take place at the annual meeting of the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas 5:30 p.m. May 31, 2006, in Lilienfeld House