Sisterhood elects new officers
   Congratulations to Sydney Stern and Liza Margolis, the new co-presidents elected at Sisterhood's meeting June 20.
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2005-06-21 14:46:42
Rabbi Boxman gets big play in Baltimore newspaper
   The Baltimore Jewish Times did a cover story recently on our former rabbi, Bradd Boxman, with a photo on the cover of him playing hockey and a photo inside of his family.
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2005-04-27 11:18:28
Reformed Church offers its thanks for Imam's visit
   Members of the St. Thomas Reformed Church wrote to thank the Synagogue for bringing Imam Yahya Hendi to the island for a weekend of interfaith activities.
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2005-03-08 13:37:59
Congregation honors 7 students on King's birthdayRabbi David Saperstein
   The Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas will again observe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday with a special service on Jan. 14, 2005, honoring seven high school students whose lives exemplify Dr. King's teachings.
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2004-12-27 11:07:49
This Bat Mitzvah has deep St. Thomas roots
   When Joanna Goldman of Potomac, Md., celebrates her Bat Mitzvah in our Synagogue on June 21, she'll be linking back to her great, great, great grandmother.
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2004-06-04 15:45:18