This Chai member loves our Synagogue

     Beverly Kornell of Dallas, Texas, took the time to write a wonderful letter to our congregation. Here it is:
     I'm writing to you because of the letter from Rabbi Starr regarding his retirement. I was very impressed with the rabbi's article in the newsletter about meeting the "Jubanos." It is incredible that the Cuban overnment has allowed our religious mission as early as June 2007. Incredible that the U.S. government will also allow this exchange with an infamous communist country. The resiliency of our people to survive and adapt is always an inspiring story. Thank Rabbi Starr for this project.
     I visited St. Thomas in January 2001 with my sister on a cruise. When we docked, I wondered what do tourists do on this nice island. Then I saw a sign saying "synaogugue." I was so excited. I'm not sure how my sister felt but she followed me as we explored and climbed until we found it.
     It's the most beautiful synaogue I've ever seen. The sand floor is dazzling. I took lots of pictures and was delighted that they actually came out. I had to save up to become a Chai member but I am glad that I can stay in touch and receive the newsletters.
     I would love to join the next mission to Cuba but unfortunately I'll have to content myself with an update from y'all as we say here in Texas.
     L'Shana Tova,
     Beverly Kornell