'Ushpizin' is a must-see film

     "Ushpizin" will be shown Sunday, Jan. 6, at 7 p.m. at Lilienfeld House. This award-winning film is the next film in our Jewish Film Series for 2007-08.
      Powerful, touching and amusing, "Ushpizin" (Guests) is a heart-warming and soul-stirring film.
      Big-hearted Moshe Bellanga is down on his luck, so he and his loving wife Malli pray passionately for a miracle. Their prayers are answered…in the form of a large sum of money that mysteriously lands on their doorstep. But the great "gift" leads to the arrival of two uninvited ushpizin, and Moshe and Malli are left wondering....have they found God's favor or is this just a test of their devotion?
      The film is the winner of "Best Picture" (Israel Critics Award) and "Best Actor" (Israel Academy of Film and television Critics Award). It is in Hebrew with English subtitles and runs 92 minutes.
     Refreshments will be served.