Sail with the Jewish Armada

     Boat owners will host landlubbers on Sunday, Nov. 18, for the Synagogue's first annual Floating Minyan, a/k/a Jewish Armada.
     "We've talked about this over the years and are finally putting words into action," said board member Donald Pomeranz, who has spearheaded the day on the high seas.
     Since many of our members have boats and many don't, the idea is to team up for the day. Food will be a potluck affair -- crew, captains and guests will collaborate, and no one will go hungry. The destination will be Little Cinnamon or Francis Bay on St. John.
     Want to join this adventure? Call Donald at 775-1826 (work), 777-7349 (home) or 998-2763 (cell), or contact the Synagogue at 774-4312.