MLK awardee says thanks

     Ruth Elmes, one of seven recipients of the annual Martin Luther King Jr. awards, says the honor will inspire her to "continue to strive for the best."
     Elmes, a student at Sts. Peter and Paul School, wrote recently to thank the congregation for the award given out at the Erev Shabbat service on Jan. 13, 2006. (See the St. Thomas Source story Crystal Gade Synagogue Celebrates Dr. King's Dream.
     "Thank you for honoring and giving me the opportunity to have taken part in such an inspiring ceremony," she wrote. "It gives me a great joy to know that there are people who care enough about our community to give such an honor to seven young adults every year.
     "Thank you for the book 'Shared Dreams.' It has given me a better perspective on my race, and the struggles that all races have gone through. I will always be grateful that I was able to participate in accepting this honor with six other students. I will continue to strive for the best, thank you."