Kol Nidre Appeal dedicated to Katrina victims

     Perhaps because we know what hurricane devastation is like, our Congregation was quick to respond to the needs of the victims of Hurricane Katrina. One decision: 100 percent of our Kol Nidre Appeal will go to hurricane relief efforts. So please give now - and give generously!
     We do have precedent for this decision.
     Last year, the board voted to donate 36 percent of our Kol Nidre Appeal to the Union for Reform Judaism to help the relief efforts in Darfur. The response was wonderful.
     With that in mind, and with the need even greater here at home, board members agreed to encourage a higher level of giving by earmarking 90 percent of all money collected in this year's Kol Nidre Appeal to hurricane relief. Our donations will support the efforts of several organizations, including but not limited to the Union for Reform Judaism and the Red Cross. And URJ is giving to many hands-on relief groups, including America's Second Harvest, Oxfam America, the Mercy Corps and the American Friends Service Committee.
     Money will be transmitted to these organizations as it comes in to the Synagogue. For more information, or to donate, call Ella Ogden at 774-4312.