Help feed the hungry in our community

     Start the new year with the most important of the mitzvot: to sustain life. You can do this by joining the Congregation's annual High Holy Days food drive to help feed hungry people in St. Thomas.
     As in the past, on Erev Rosh Hashanah you will receive empty bags. Please bring them back to the Synagogue by Yom Kippur filled with non-perishable canned or dry foods.
     Please do not bring items that you yourself would not want to eat.
     You may bring as many bags as you wish (and then some more). We will help you to unload and carry bags to the Synagogue.
     We will distribute the hundreds of pounds of food that we expect to collect from our Congregation to our local soup kitchens and shelters.
     If you wish to help run the project (shop for someone, pick up food from someone, help deliver, etc.), please call the Synagogue office at 774-4312.
     You may deliver your food donation even before Erev Rosh Hashanah. And please note: In lieu of food we will happily accept cash, checks and/or credit cards.