Shell seder plate

     You can give your seder table a tropical flair with this shell seder plate designed for the Hebrew Congregation's gift shop by St. Thomas folk artist Jane R. Clemo and CybiLL Pottery.
     Clemo, a 17-year resident of St. Thomas, collaborates with George Adelwerth and Tom Negrilli of CybiLL Pottery in Florida to produce the company's Island Judaica Line for our Congregation.
     The line took form in 1998 when Mina Orenstein, a longtime member of the Congregation, approached Jane about creating items for the gift shop.
     "She knew my art, my background in Judaism, and my knowledge of the items the gift shop requested," Jane said. "George and I with our knowledge of Judaism, and Tom's ability to direct us, put our 'art minds' together and got this line started.
     "We are all self-taught and our works reflect our views. With no formal training, we aren't inhibited in our creations or designs. We each work in a variety of media. That allows us to be creative and cross the line in designing. We are open to each other's ideas and that enhances our own."
     Jane, George and Tom say they maintain the subject matter as their top priority and use a palette of vibrant colors to soft pastels to convey their love and knowledge of the islands. The result: beautiful one-of-a-kind, hand-painted pieces that will become family treasures.
      This shell seder plate costs $190 plus 8% for shipping and handling. For more information or to order items from our gift shop, call 340-774-4312 or e-mail us at The Synagogue accepts cash, checks and Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards.