Don't miss 'Purim on Broadway'

Haman and King Ahashuerus, aka Wechter and Pomeranz
Haman and King Ahashuerus, aka Wechter and Pomeranz
     One night only! This sensational performance, directed by Cecil B. de Silverberg, starts at 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 27, at the Synagogue after Rabbi Moch's Megillah reading.
     Jaci Silverberg has put together a St. Thomas-style Broadway revue starring our own kosher hams:
     Marilyn Blackhall
     Barbara & Gene Feldman
     Carol Moore on piano
     Jackie Jeffries
     Jacqueline Levine
     Jessica & Anna Paiewonsky
     Dr. Donald Pomeranz
     Gary Rosenthal & Judee Slosky Rosenthal
     Rabbi Arthur Starr
     Dr. Stuart Wechter
     Yours truly, Rabbi Stephen Moch
     Susan Granger, a nationally syndicated reviewer, has seen a preview and had this to say:
     "Masquerading as Purim on Broadway, this schlocky mishegas by Linda Tsuroka involves Biblical figures like King Ahashuerus, Queen Vashti, Haman, Mordechai and Esther. Only a schlemiel with the chutzpah of director Jacqueline Silverberg would cast a Rabbi named Starr as an actor, knowing full well that most actors aspire to be a Starr. As a production it's gornisht helfn. Feh!"
     This is your big chance to hear the Megillah reading in our Synagogue and...
     -- See Rabbi Starr star!
     -- Hear strange renditions of favorite Broadway tunes!
     -- Laugh like you haven't laughed in ages!
     -- Look at some incredibly tacky costumes, filched from everyone's closets!
     -- Bring the kids! It's G-rated!
     -- Enjoy your friends and fellow congregants!
     -- Eat the most delicious hamantashen ever (thank you, Iris Horwitz)!