Check out
by Rabbi Arthur Starr

     Congregants, their children and grandchildren can now take advantage of a website that makes Torah interesting and informative for kids of all ages. It's called Torah4Kids and it's available here.
     This website was created by a friend and classmate of mine in Canada. It is a great way for families to read about the current week's Torah portion and provides easy ways for kids and parents (or grandparents) to talk about Jewish sacred writings.
     Try it a couple of times and let me know what you think! You might want to visit the site yourself and then send a question to your grandchildren!?!
     Here's what the people running the website have to say about it:
     "As far as we know, Torah4Kids, or 'Canaan Hora - Dancing with the Torah,' is the only weekly par'sha page of its kind, a par'sha column for modern kids leading modern lives, beautifully written in sophisticated language, yet language kids can understand. Fresh, exciting and thoughtful, it has open-ended questions, a section for table discussion, a weekly quote in English and Hebrew, and always a link to something from the sages. This site can be useful for family education, classrooms, homes. Parents can use it. Kids can bookmark it and send it to their friends."