Cow Appreciation Day! Hollywood will be looking for us to do their "Got Milk" commercials. We had lots of fun making milk mustaches! And some of our residents really got into our cow chip throwing contest. It is hard to believe that you can make a cow chip go that far! The prizes were mootrific and we all partied until the cows came home.
Helen Potts Mrs. Potts has been at Morningside since September of 97. She has been a long time resident of Franklin. She attented Peabody in Nashville. She was a wonderful school teacher for many years. She lived in a darling rock house on Fair street in downtown Franklin. She moved into Morningside with her husband, William who has since passed away. She has two brothers who visit often.
Love is in the air!Isn't Love Grand! When Arthur Brannon lost his wife of 75 years, he knew it would be impossible to replace her. However, the experience of marriage had been so positive for him, he was eager to try again. He first lived at Morningside of Paris, TN where we understand he was quite the ladies man. Soon after he came to Franklin to be close to his son, he found Dot Lemmerman. You will often see them holding hands and can hear her giggle like teenager!
Lucy Mizell Lucy Mizell enjoys playing bridge and other card games. For 17 years she had a pet Chihuahua named Cricket!
  Lucy says she is a night owl. Her night owl partner is Carlene Cannon.
Jennie Pittman Ms. Jennie has lived at Morningside since May of 1998. She was born in Anderson, TN. She went to work in a silk mill when she was 17 years old. She had 2 sons, 6 grandchildren and many great grandchildren. She has traveled the world and has lots of wonderful stories.
Frances Lee Hometown is Ft. Worth, TX. In 1953, Frances worked with The Sunday School Board - Lifeway Resources, where she spent the next 20 years! Words of advice from Frances: "Be patient with others and understand their needs."
George Yurashus Mr. George moved into Morningside in October of 2000. He had lived his whole life in Connecticut. He moved to Franklin to be close to his only son. He has a darling little granddaughter. At one time he worked for the Nestle Company. His favorite pass time was to go ice fishing. He loves the cold weather. This picture was taken at lunch one day. George was showing off his "lemon rind smile"!
Lena Red Ms. Lena has lived at Morningside since 1998. She was born in Little Rock, AK. She has a daughter, a son and 3 grandchildren. She was a teacher at Hendrix College. She loves to dance. She has traveled all over to participate in dance competitions and has many awards to prove her excellence.
Elizabeth Lowe Elizabeth Lowe is from Sevierville in East Tennessee. She moved to Franklin, TN in 1949. Elizabeth's husband was a county agent. Elizabeth and her husband had three children. They are currently living in Washington state, Knoxville, TN and Franklin, TN.
  Elizabeth worked as a school teacher in Florida for 5 years. She has travelled to Ireland, Scotland, France and England. Each morning, Elizabeth begins her day by reading two chapters from the Bible. She enjoys reading non-fiction and participating in the programs at Morningside.
Bob Lessley
Dorothy Chawgo
Carrie Thomason
Lorraine Thomas
Carolyn & Anne Carolyn Gotto and Anne Cooper became friends at Morningside. They share a dining room table together with several other ladies. Ms. Cooper's granddog, Molly, is even a friend of Ms. Gotto's.
Hazel Carroll
Madie Baulch
Mary Curlin
Ann Wise
Carolyn Gotto
Valentine's King & Queen Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Dickinson were selected as our King and Queen for Valentine's Day! Don't they make a cute couple?

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