First Annual Morningside Tour of Homes
   We invite you to attend ou first annual Christmas tour of homes at Morningside Assisted Living. Residents of Morningside will open their apartments decorated for the holidays to all who attend. The Williamson County-Franklin Chamber of Commerce will hold a ribbon- cutting ceremony recognizing Morningsde's four years of service and christening this new annual holiday event. Join us for: Festive decorations, tasty holiday treats, atour of our warm and friendly neighborhood. December 20, 2001 , 4;00 pm -6:00pm.
Welcome Julianne Baer
   The community welcomes new executive director Julianne Baer, former director of our Tifton, GA location.
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Fun with Veggies!
   A wonderful activity at Morningside has been the trip to the farmers market down by the Harpeth River. Residents pick their favorite fresh fruits and vegetables and make a huge salad bar out of them. We all enjoyed the fruits of their labor!
Volunteer Opportunities
   When the Red Cross called to ask for our assistance, residents jumped at the chance to volunteer. Pictured here are Dorothy Overbey, Carlene Cannon, Jennie Pittman, Ann Cooper, Elizabeth Lowe and Lucy Mizell, helping the Red Cross Coordinator, Sue Addis, fold the organization's most recent newsletter.
Morningside Cover Girl
   Lily Hardy became our Cover Girl when she graced the cover of Assisted Living Today for the January/February issue. Assisted Living Today is a national trade magazine for professionals in the assisted living industry. Lily is pictured here with her daughter, Bonnie.
We All Need More Angels!
   Judy Lassan, Program Resident Assistant, is always finding creative projects for residents to complete to contribute to our festive decorations. Around the holidays, she found a way to turn regular clay flower pots into angels!!! Here you see, from left to right, Marion Thacker, Elizabeth Lowe, Judy, Jennie Pittman, Carlene Cannon, Robin (A Belmont University Occupational Therapy student), and Mary Trim Anderson hard at work!
Lucy Meets a Titan!
   Saturday, December 9, 2000 Lucy Mizell went to a local car dealership to meet the kicker of the Tennessee Titans, Al Del Greco! She was already a huge fan, but now her enthusiasm can't be beat!
Happy Easter!East Brentwood Presbyterian Preschool
   Throughout the year, we have been blessed by a partnership with East Brentwood Presbyterian Church's preschool. We've had joint programs at Morningside, residents visited their school and they send goody bags to each resident once a month. When they came to visit Wednesday, April 4, the Easter Bunny was here to help play with the parachute and with the egg hunt.
Spring Plantings!
   We could not wait for Spring to get here this year. So instead of waiting for a guarantee there would be no more frost, Helen Potts and other residents just planted some flowers in pots. If it does get cold again, we can just bring the pots inside overnight. Plus, it's easier to plant in pots on top of a table than planting in the ground on our hands and knees. The Franklin Master Gardeners are expected to begin work soon on our courtyard. We'll keep you updated on their progress!
Homemade Soup Day!
   With the years and years of experience gained by all these ladies pooled together, we made the best soup ever!
Magic Show
   Jennie Pittman and Gene Pentecost enjoyed assisting the magician and everyone enjoyed his humor!
Merry Christmas
   We are enjoying the celebration of the season each day here at Morningside. We haved love hearing Christmas carols sung by the Brownies, Boy Scouts, Pre-Schools, Church Choirs and Schools Chorus Groups. They have all been wonderful. We wish everyone a joyous holiday season!!!
Family Thanksgiving Celebration!
   On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, we were joined by over 100 people to share in food, fellowship and fun! Families brought many of their favorite dishes, and as you can see from the picture, we had quite a spread. We all enjoyed the opportunity to get to visit with family members and recall our favorite holiday memories.
Stepping Across the StateCarlene wins the NuStep contest!
   Morningside of Franklin residents competed in the Stepping Across the State contest last month. Every step taken on the NuStep was added together until the individual had taken enough "steps" to have crossed the State of Tennessee. Carlene Cannon was the most improved resident who has crossed the State more than two times already! Here she is pictured with the Grand Prize.
Mothers and Daughters
   While everyone enjoyed wonderful Hawaiian food and punch and loved listening to and dancing to Bill Sleeter on the piano, it seemed that the mothers and daughters had some special time together. Mary Walker enjoys watching her mom, Lena Red, tap her toes while reminiscing about her days as a prize winning dancer.
Healing Friends
   Small group offers support during grief
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Another Mother/Daughter Pair
   Sally Nigro and Noel Stoops
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