Associate of the Quarter Sara Sharp, afternoon cook, was recently selected by her peers as Morningside's Associate of the Quarter for her excellent customer service, teamwork, attendance,punctuality and commitment to the Health Generation culture. She received a $75 bonus!
New Physical Therapy Techniques Leila Stavros demonstrates to Angie and Janice, that she is strong enough to push Angie in the wheelchair. What an improvement from a few months ago, when it was the other way around!
Cathy Bratager -Associate of the Year! Chosen by Associates and Residents as ASSOCIATE OF THE YEAR, 2000
  • Hometown: Hamilton, Ohio, but lived in Florida most of my life.
  • Started at Morningside: 8-8-98
  • Shift: days
  • Family: grown children, loves cats
  • Other interests: woodworking, movies, bike riding
  • About Morningside: Best place I have ever worked! I love all the residents!
  • WINNERS LOSING TOGETHER!!! From left to right, Joann Austin, LPN (Resident Services Director), Marilynne Giguere (Program Services Director), Gretchen Napier (Executive Director), Jennifer Hatley (Food Service Director) and Mamie Jeter (Administrative Services Director), the Morningside of Franklin Leadership Team! We have started the Losers'Club here are Morningside. Any staff member that had the courage stepped on the scales in January and put $10.00 in the pot. The one who loses the most weight in 4 weeks will win the jackpot!! You can see Slim Fast all over the place. YUK!
    Jingle Bells We had a ball at the Associate Holiday Party, Thursday, December 14th. Many thanks to the residents and families who participated in the Holiday Fund. The associates really appreciated your generosity.
    Jennifer Brannon
    John Blanton
    • Hometown: Franklin, TN
    • Started at Morningside: October 2000
    • Area: Cook
    • Shift: Days
    • Family: 3 grown children and not even close to having grandchildren; About his wife he says, "If I had it to do all over again . . . I would!"
    • Other Interests: a new camper
    • About Morningside: I love it when the residents laugh! (and John is very skilled at making us all laugh!)
    Angie Elliot
    • Hometown: Franklin, TN
    • Started at Morningside: September 2000
    • Area: Resident Assistant
    • Shift: Days
    • Family: a brother, a sister and a niece who is the cutest 3-year old in the world!
    • Other interests: dancing and spending time with her niece
    • About Morningside: I love working with the elderly and this is a really fun place to work with a great staff!

    Grace Halligan, Lily Hardy, Jennifer and James GuiderFrom House to Hatley! On October 14, 2000, our Food Service Director, Jennifer House married her long-time sweetheart, Dave Hatley. We showered her with love and gifts at the end of September, so all the residents were excited about her new adventure. Our Program Services Director, Marilynne Giguere, drove the Morningside van so several residents could attend the big event. The trip to Columbia, TN was reported to be great fun and, of course, the bride looked beautiful.
    Janice Walls
  • Hometown: Thompson Station, Tennessee
  • Started at Morningside: 2-10-98
  • Area: Resident Assistant
  • Shift: days
  • Family: grown daughters and two grandsons
  • Other interests: baby sitting with grandsons. Watching movies.
  • About Morningside: Nice family atmosphere; residents really appreciate us!
  • Janice Walls and Elaine Drury Elaine Drury
  • Hometown: Nashville and now Franklin, Tennessee
  • Started at Morningside: 2-28-00
  • Area: Resident Assistant
  • Shift: days
  • Family: two grown sons, two gorgeous granddaughters and a husband who is a wonderful handyman
  • Other interests: gardening, natural medicines and nutrition
  • About Morningside: I like being here to help the residents and I like being a care giver.
  • Joann Austin, LPN
  • Hometown: White Bluff, Tennessee
  • Started at Morningside: 7-19-99
  • Area: Resident Services
  • Shift: M-F and on-call
  • Family: four children and two grandchildren (2 years and 4 months)
  • Other interests: family, movies, horses
  • About Morningside: Defined by good communication and teamwork. We have really good residents; easy to become attached.
  • Sara Sharp
  • Hometown: Thompson Station, Tennessee
  • Started at Morningside: 6-21-00
  • Area: Food Service
  • Shift: days
  • Family: three children - one boy (18) and two daughters (26 and 14) and a grandson (7)
  • Other interests: I'm involved in church (teach Sunday School) and I like to cook.
  • About Morningside: everyone has been very friendly - I feel part of the family.
  • Jennifer House
  • Hometown: Columbia, Tennessee
  • Started at Morningside: 2-14-00
  • Area: Food Service
  • Shift: days
  • Family: Engaged (currently living with parents)
  • Other interests: walking, being with friends and family
  • About Morningside: Has offered me a great opportunity and has shown me wonderful hospitality. It's easy to become attached to associates and residents.
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