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Trinidad - After 50 years still Carib Country
Trinidad Guardian

     TRINIDAD and Tobago is clearly Carib country but if you travel to any of more than 30 other countries in the world you can call for a Carib without the bartender looking at you as if you're crazed.
     The country's premium beer, Carib, is available throughout the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Asia. Almost one million bottles of the brew come off the lines at the Carib Brewery in Champs Fleurs everyday.
     In 1949, Sir Gerald Wight, a Royal Air Force veteran from World War I founded the Caribbean Development Company Limited, which included a brewery and glass/bottle works. These two companies became separate entities, and on May 16, 1950, the first Carib lager beer was brewed.
     Today, the top man at Carib is Horace Bhopalsingh, Chief Executive Officer at the brewery. Like Sir Gerald, he is also a veteran, not of a war but of the brewing industry.
     Bhopalsingh, 55, has had 25 years of international experience which he brings to the company.
     Though born in Freeport, St Mary's, Bhopalsingh spent most of his childhood in St Augustine. He attended Queen's Royal College where he studied languages before going off to business schools in Switzerland, France and England.
     On his return to Trinidad he worked at WASA before joining Carib, first as chief accountant. He did not stay on very long. He left there to take up a position with Renault.
     "I went to Renault," he said, "but then they posted me to Venezuela, and I didn't like that. I came back and went to the National Brewing Company." They were then the brewers of Stag.
     From there he was sent to Holland, where the ownership of Stag was based. After a stint there, Bhopalsingh returned to the Caribbean and went to run the Brewery in St Lucia before coming back to run the brewery here. "After that I went to Canada and the US. I worked in Connecticut for 15 years," he added.
     Bhopalsingh has five children, three daughters from his previous marriage and two sons by his present wife. He has held the position of CEO at Carib since 1998.
     The brewery will celebrate its 50th anniversary on May 16 and as part of the celebrations the company will place a special 15 cent coupon in the Trinidad Guardian. This is a bonus for the country's beer drinkers. They will be able to redeem the coupon for a Carib. The reasoning behind this promotion is that when Carib first came on the local market that was how much it cost.
     In addition, Carib employees will receive T-shirts and there will be special advertisements in the media.
     Carib executives believe the company has achieved some major successes on the road to its jubilee celebrations.
     The brewery started with a payroll of seven employees. Today, Carib employs about 700 workers; about 500 directly and another 200 as contracted labour.
     In 1957, Carib acquired the assets of the Trinidad Brewing Company, making it the sole brewer and bottler of beer and stout in the country.
     The company has established partnerships with international companies such as Heineken, Guinness, Mackeson, Corsaire and Ginseng Up. It continues to produce a range of beverages which include Carib, Stag, Shandy, Malta, Smalta and Royal Extra Stout.
     Since his return to Carib, Bhopalsingh says his biggest challenge has been "trying to change the corporate culture."
     He said the company has gone through "some team-building exercises, working on finding a commonality, a set of core values that we can all relate to.
     "We are the largest brewery in the English-speaking Caribbean. We have the capacity for producing about 12 million cases annually," said Bhopalsingh.
     Though this is Carib country, the beer does have competition on the local market.
     Bhopalsingh explained, "The World Trade Organisation has this move toward free trade. The trade barriers are gradually coming down and duties on imported products have been reduced in the last three years, making imported beer more competitive."
     "But the imports are not competing with us on a level playing field. Beer from North America and Europe can come into Trinidad and Tobago without certain restrictions that we have in their markets," he said. "For example, beer coming from North America and Europe can come in any bottle they want, in any label and without a deposit or an environmental charge.
     If Carib Brewery has to enter North America or Europe, however, "we've got to go in a specific bottle size. We've got to go with a special label, and we also have to go with either a deposit or an environmental charge."
     Carib is not standing passively by and allowing the competition to snatch its market share. Bhopalsingh said, "As a member of the Caribbean Breweries Association with Caricom, we have approached the Secretariat with a view to bringing about changes within Caricom.
     "At the national level we have been talking to the Trade Minister," he continued. "Two things have got to happen, either these national barriers have got to be removed, or we have got to find ways of ensuring that the imports currently do not have the favourable avenues of competition that they have.
     "Though we dominate the local market this international competition is coming right on our doorstep," said Bhopalsingh. "If we were to lose market share here, there is a cost to it. The question is whether we can have access to these markets on a fair trading basis so that we can take the market share in these countries to compensate for any losses that we are suffering here."
     He said on the home front Carib has been working "to make Carib more efficiently and to lower production costs."
     "We have restructured the company and, as a result, there has been some significant changes. For example, we have been investing in marketing in the wider Caribbean," said Bhopalsingh.
     Some of these include changes to management team. Bhopalsingh believes that every success that has been achieved by the company in recent years came from a team effort.
     Some of the key members of that team are Export Manager, Albert Chow; Production Director, Virginia Clarke, and Public Relations Manager, Colin Murray, who were all present during the Business Guardian interview.
     · It is the largest non-energy manufacturer in the country
     · It brews two million cases of Carib annually
     · It takes 22 days to brew a Carib
     · The company sits on a 48-acre site
     · Carib is the country's largest corporate sponsor in the country having spent millions to sponsor music, culture and sports.These include Carib Tokyo, the Shiv Shakti Dance Company, the National Cricket League, horse racing, hockey, the national football team when they made it to the 1989 World Cup finals and calypso competitions.

Dos Hermanos bridge to be completed this year/Bridge project to cost $51.6M
   The Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Public Works, RubĂ©n Hernández Gregorat inspected today the emblematic Dos Hermanos Bridge, a $51.6 million project at the entrance to Old San Juan.
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BBC Caribbean News in Brief
   This news and current affairs programme brings decision makers, analysts and the general public into discussions on the news events of the day.
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Press corps protest police intervention at UPRPolice create an inner cordon to arrest student protester, and an outer cordon that prevents the press from reporting close-by accounts and photographs.
  The Puerto Rico Journalist Association (ASPPRO for its Spanish acronym) and the Puerto Rico Photojournalists Association released a joint communiquĂ© denouncing Police interference in the news coverage of the events taking place at the University of Puerto Rico.
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Hair pulling will show if legislators take drugs/All but five reps gave up a strand to prove they’re clean
   Nearly all members of the House of Representatives gave up a sample of their hair Monday for a surprising drug test.
  If any lawmaker gets a positive result, he or she could be subjected to sanctions that include possible expulsion from the Lower Chamber. Results of the test are expected within days, but an exact day was not mentioned.
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New $750,000 shelter has with no provisions for upkeep/With 15 deaths annually, funds could be used for other ends
   The legislature wants to add a new shelter for victims of domestic violence in Aguada although there is no money to maintain the current facilities.
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Deep discounts for cars bought by Guard/PRNG overseas for half year will get 75-percent off
   Puerto Rican servicemen deployed overseas for more than 180 days will receive a 75 percent tax reduction when they buy a new car, it was announced Tuesday.
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Tourism Company to revitalize Condado
   A series of improvements, including safety, decoration and information services, has been proposed for the Condado, a first-class tourism destination that has condo hotels, several remodeled and new hotels under construction, restaurants, and squares, said Puerto Rico Tourism Company Executive Director Mario González Lafuente.
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A glimpse at Christmas past
   Christmas has always been a time of great significance for most western people. Aside from its religious motives, Christmas is a time for sharing our fortunes, however little they might be, with family and friends.
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Possible new regulation for youth drivers licenses
   The implementation of a measure that will allow youngsters to drive cars along island roads was cleared Wednesday.
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Students joined by professors as strike continues
   A standoff between University of Puerto Rico students and members of the police Tactical Operations Division (riot squad) marked the second day of the strike that has practically paralyzed all academic and administrative activities in the RĂ­o Piedras campus.
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IVU-LOTO a win-win for consumers and business/Ponce launches pilot program to boost sales tax collection
   A pilot program to increase the income from the general sales tax, encouraging businesses to report their sales, was launched Tuesday in Ponce.
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Students have ideas, but board doesn’t want to hear them - President, chancellor not around for meet on fee
   Members of the Student Representation Committee from the University of Puerto Rico were stood up by Board of Trustees president YgrĂ­ Rivera who refused to meet with them to discuss any alternative to the special Fiscal Stabilization fee...
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Big drug arrest on Caribbean cruise ship
   SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) -- A suburban body shop owner accused of helping to run one of the largest drug smuggling organizations in the Caribbean was arrested Monday as he took a family vacation on a cruise ship.
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UPR students deliver referendum results
   Official referendum results were delivered to the office of University of Puerto Rico president JosĂ© de la Torre.
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Archeologist denounces government’s alleged hidden agenda
   Archeologist Francisco Freytes, of the Archeological Caribbean Educational Foundation, denounced that the government is getting rid of what’s left of former sugar cane centrals.
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United Way volunteers continue Thanksgiving tradition - Fondita de JesĂşs participants savor turkey dinner
   For the past 13 years, participants of the Fondita de JesĂşs have been regaled by a fantastic turkey dinner with all the trimmings plus gifts of personal hygiene products.
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Puerto Rico basking in Hollywood spotlight
   SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) -- The tropical U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is increasingly a backdrop in American and European cinema, standing in for Baghdad war zones, Brazilian slums, or cookie-cutter American suburbs.
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Legislature tables airing of key bills - Legislature tables airing of key bills
   The plan to reorganize the advocacy offices will not be approved this legislative session because of discrepancies between the House and Senate.
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Populares turn the tables on Gov. Fortuño
   The Popular Democratic Party announced Tuesday the creation of a commission to look for possible civil rights infractions committed by the government.
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Electoral reform postponed until new year - House wants to scrap all public funding
   The fate of the electoral reform will have to wait until next year because the House of Representatives refuses to act on the matter.
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