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Citibank To Offer Full Selection of Financial Products, Services OnlineThrough Site
by Paradise News
Sept. 20, 2000 -; Cit

      Citibank, a member of Citigroup, and have formed a five-year, regional strategic alliance that will provide Citibank's financial products and services to Internet users in Latin America via's online marketplace
     for personal finance, beginning this Fall. Citibank's Web site, supported by, is a key component of Citibank's strategy to use its Internet offering to reach a global market of 500 million Spanish and Portuguese-speaking people.
      Citibank Latin America customers and's users throughout
     the region will now have access to detailed information on Citibank loans,
     checking accounts, savings and investments, credit cards, insurance, brokerage
     and other services, customized by market.
      This is the latest in a series of recent announcements which demonstrates
     Citigroup's commitment to providing a comprehensive suite of online consumer
     financial products and services, accessible anywhere, on any device, at any
     time in a secure and private manner, as well as Citigroup's intent to become a
     major player in facilitating online consumer payments.
      "As an embedded local bank with an extensive global network, Citibank
     provides its customers with an unparalleled array of products and services to
     help them achieve their personal financial and investment objectives," said
     Fernando Amandi, managing director of Citibank Consumer Internet Business in
     Latin America. "Our partnership with is a strategic step
     in our plan to continually improve our Internet offering and provide value-
     added features to our clients in Latin America via instant access to the
     industry's most innovative technology -- all within a secure financial
     services site."
      " has gone beyond signing a traditional distribution
     agreement," said Eric Daniels, chief executive officer of
     "Citibank will not only have access to's customers, but will
     also leverage ZonaFinanciera's proven technology and innovative content
     platform to expand Citibank's proprietary Internet offerings in Latin
      The strategic partnership between Citibank and marks a
     significant milestone for both parties. The agreement is also part of
     Citigroup's overall expansion into the high-technology sector, further
     consolidating its entrance into the Latin American online market. Citigroup
     is present in 100 countries around the globe with operations in 24 countries
     and territories in Latin America and the Caribbean. shares Citibank's concern for online and confidential
     security on the Internet and employs 128-bit encryption, the highest level of
     encryption commercially available. was recently named the
     first Latin American web site to be certified by the TRUSTe Privacy Program,
     an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to build users' trust
     and confidence in the Internet by promoting the use of fair information
     practices. With certification by TRUSTe, now bridges the
     gap between users' concerns over privacy and a web site's desire for self-
     regulated information disclosure standards, and proudly joins other TRUSTe
     licensees such as The Microsoft Network (MSN), CNET,, ETRADE, Home
     Depot, Sports Authority, ZDNET, L.L. Bean and Land's End.
      About Citigroup
      Citigroup (NYSE: C), the premiere global financial services company,
     provides some 100 million consumers, corporations, governments and
     institutions in 100 countries with a broad range of financial products and
     services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment
     banking, insurance, securities brokerage and asset management. The 1998
     merger of Citicorp and Travelers Group brought together such brand names as
     Citibank, Travelers, Salomon Smith Barney, CitiFinancial, and Primerica under
     Citigroup's trademark red umbrella.
      Citibank, a member of Citigroup, has been serving customers in Latin
     America for over 80 years, and today offers a variety of financial products to
     meet customers' needs. As one of the leaders in the financial industry,
     Citibank is dedicated to developing the best products, services and technology
     to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. For additional information
     please visit or .
      Founded in 1997,, , is
     the premier personal finance marketplace for Spanish and Portuguese-speaking
     consumers and financial institutions that serve them.'s
     financial marketplace and community, available in Spanish, English and
     Portuguese, is customized to 21 countries and is a one-stop resource to
     research, comparison shop, buy and monitor financial products online. offers consumers the ability to purchase banking,
     brokerage, insurance, auto and real estate products. ZFacil and NewsHarvester
     are registered trademarks of
      As an ASP (Application Service Provider), offers its
     entire technology platform to companies seeking to augment functionality and
     save valuable time and money in developing similar products. has raised over $40 million to date from leading
     institutional investors, including Acon Investments, Capital Investors,
     Citicorp Strategic Technology Corporation (NYSE: C), Columbia Capital,
     Hartford Life Insurance, Marsh and McLennan Capital, Steve Walker and
     Associates, T. Rowe Price and The Washington Post. is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, with offices in
     Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Venezuela. For more
     information, please contact at or visit our web site at .
      -0- 09/20/2000
      /CONTACT: Jesus Rodriguez,, or Yezabel Varela,, both of Weber Public Relations Worldwide, 305-448-7450, for; or Susan Weeks of Citigroup, 718-248-7580, or; or Christina Ramirez of,
     703-280-8090, or
      /Web site: /
      /Web site: /
      /Web site: /

Caribbean Business News PR
   On the local front, the Government Development Bank’s Puerto Rico Stock Index (PRSI) experienced its fourth-consecutive weekly setback as all components reported losses. Leading the list of nongainers was Doral Financial Corp., which lost 14¢, or 10.77%, to close at $1.16 after reporting a net loss of $291.9 million for 2010.
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New tax rates not what the governor promised
   The proposed overhaul of the island's income tax laws is closer to becoming law.
  The Senate is slated to pass the legislation today. The House passed the controversial legislation in a 36-13 vote Saturday following a long debate that lasted more than seven hours.
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Fuel tax for buses and cars cost $32 million annually
   Puerto Ricans paid over $32 million annually in taxes resulting from an added surcharge in the purchase of fuel by the local electrical company.
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Milk up 10 cents, Gallon will hit $6 by Jan. 20/Dairy industry says milk hike too low asked for 18-cents on quart
   After U.S. District Court Judge Daniel Domínguez threatened to place under arrest all top officials at the Agriculture Department, the agency decreed a 10-cent increase on the price of a quart of milk that will go into effect Jan. 20, when a new cycle begins.
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Tax break package benefits the island
   The island would receive more financial benefits as the U.S. House of Representatives approved an extension to a tax break package that also includes credits for college students...
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Seaborne launching service from LMM Airport
   Seaborne Airlines will begin daily service from the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport to St. Croix, St. Thomas and Vieques beginning on Jan. 12.
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Mi Salud extended to small, midsize businesses
   Gov. Luis Fortuño enacted legislation Wednesday that extends the Mi Salud health plan to all government workers and to small and midsize businesses.
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Economic chief outlines plan to expand PR airlift
   Economic Development & Commerce Secretary José Pérez-Riera presented the island government’s strategic plan to increase airlift during the first Puerto Rico Air Access Summit on Wednesday.
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Urban Train leads nation in ridership increase
   Puerto Rico’s Urban Train led the nation in ridership gains amid efforts by the island government to lure more people to the San Juan metropolitan area heavy-rail system.
  In the third quarter, public transportation providers nationwide logged about 2.5 billion trips, down 0.7 percent compared with third-quarter 2009’s level, , according to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).
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Promocionan a la Isla en Times Square
   A la hora de planificar sus vacaciones, miles de residentes y visitantes de Nueva York pensarán en Puerto Rico, cuando conozcan los atractivos de la Isla en las enormes pantallas lumínicas de los edificios de NASDAQ y Reuters ubicados en la famosa zona comercial y turística de Times Square.
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En Culebra… Magazine
   Con el objetivo de fomentar el turismo y estimular la enconomía en Culebra, nace la publicación En Culebra Magazine. Una guía referencia de los principales atractivos turísticos, playas, chefs, restaurantes, amenidades, ambiente, transportación, hoteles y consejos de seguridad, entre otros, para conveniencia tanto de los visitantes locales como internacionales, de la Isla Municipio.
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Goya cumple 75 años El presidente de Goya, Carlos Unanue, indicó que el crecimiento de la empresa por los pasados cinco años le ha permitido la creación de 100 productos nuevos anualmente. (El Nuevo Día/ Juan Ángel Alicea Mercado)Por Gerardo E. Alvarado León /
   Lo que inició hace casi 75 años como un pequeño negocio de importación de productos españoles, es hoy día una empresa que, además de dar a conocer el sabor latino en el mundo, tiene presencia constante en la mesa boricua.
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Cámara de Comercio pide cordura a los compradores “Pedimos a las personas paciencia, calma y que lleguen temprano a los lugares”.
   El presidente de la Cámara de Comercio de Puerto Rico (CCPR), Raúl Gayá Nigaglioni, hizo hoy un llamado a la “cordura” a quienes acudan el próximo viernes a los distintos comercios del país para participar en la venta del madrugador.
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Activa venta de propiedades Pablo Pérez, presidente de Popular Mortgage, y George Joyner, director ejecutivo de la Autoridad para el Financiamiento de la Vivienda.
   Al cabo de dos meses y medio desde que se aprobó el estímulo para la venta de propiedades, el ritmo de originaciones y cierre de nuevas hipotecas se ha mantenido en crecimiento, aunque los consumidores todavía no están del todo claros de los beneficios que sólo estarán vigentes hasta junio de 2011
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A new push to limit rum rebate revenue use
   The National Puerto Rican Coalition (NPRC) announced Tuesday that it will begin lobbying the new Congress to require that all rum rebate funding be used to reduce healthcare and education disparities in the U.S. territories.
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Nueva farmacéutica local estimulará el empleoRaúl Cardona, gerente general de Cardona Compound Corp., informó que los planes de la nueva empresa incluyen llegar a los 100 empleados durante los próximos 20 años.
   Con la inauguración de la farmacéutica Cardona Compounds Corp., en el Parque Industrial Cataño en Humacao, se anticipa la llegada a Puerto Rico de nuevas operaciones en menor escala a las tradicionales industrias del sector de los medicamentos, que solían generar muchos empleos.
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Beneficiará las ventas el bono navideño adelantado
   A partir del próximo martes 23 de noviembre unos $200 millones comenzarán a circular en la economía local cuando el gobierne adelante el pago del bono navideño a los empleados públicos.
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La Isla escala peldaños en índice empresar/Los últimos resultados del Doing Business en 2011 así lo señalan
   Tras una medición de las normas que regulan la actividad empresarial y su puesta en práctica en 183 economías, Puerto Rico mejoró su posición al subir a la posición número 47 de acuerdo al Banco Mundial.
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Beneficiará las ventas el bono navideño adelantado Suministrada
   A partir del próximo martes 23 de noviembre unos $200 millones comenzarán a circular en la economía local cuando el gobierne adelante el pago del bono navideño a los empleados públicos.
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Student Services Assistants demand labor justice
   Assistants from the Student Services program who help children with special needs in island public schools, claimed Thursday that they suffer discrimination and lack of attention on behalf of the Department of Education.
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