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      The British Virgin Islands       OnePaper Community Edition       December 11th, 2018      
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The Hurricane of 1916

     We used to get a lot of rain. I can tell you that. We used to get a lot of rain. But we didn't have many houses. Most of the houses were thrash houses and so on, very cool and so on, but most of them were thrash houses, very few were galvanized and the rest of them concrete. We only started this concrete business in 1924. Nineteen-sixteen the hurricane started and so from 1924 we started building houses like these, so that we would be able to resist the wind a little bit more than the thrash houses. We had two houses up here in 1916. One, 18, feet by 12 feet was gone the moment the 1-iurricane started. We used to cook in that one. The other one 16 feet by10 feet that was off the ground about 8 or 10 feet, that had high pillars under it and sleepers. But what had happened the old man found out the only way to save this one. The one window had blown off and when the one window had blown off he took the hammer and knocked the partition down and took out the other window, so the wind went through. At that time we had a tidal wave and we were in the water in the house, you know, up to our ankle. That time I said we gone now, but the house still stood that day. We survived and it was seven of us in' the house at the time. Nineteen sixteen, that was the worst one we had, but it didn't last long. It lasted around nine hours from beginning to end, but it killed a lot of people in the island. Oh yes! Some were found along the bay, you couldn't make them out.

Harvest Festival
   Told by Irene Pickering
  {To her sons Kedric and Arlington Pickering}
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The Hurricane of 1916
   Memories of the 1916 hurricane as told then by 96 year-old Joseph E. Romney (now deceased) of West End.
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The 'Fancy Me' A Boating Disaster
   Reprinted with permission from 'Straight From Us' A BVI High School Magazine
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T.B. Lettsome..... And The BVI In Which He Grew UPT.B and wife Teacher Claudia, with grand daugher, who cut  ribbon to officially 'open'Airport
   Meet Terrance B. Lettsome After whom the Airport is Named - 'The Early Years' is the first chapter of the book entitled 'The Untold Story' and was printed with the kind permission of the author.
  TEL: 284 - 495 - 1856
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Weddings of long Ago
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Laundering in the Past
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History in Pictures
   The thatch house was not unique to Tortola, but could also be found in The Middle East, the Far East and the Americas
Chrstopher Flemming
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August 1834
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Reflections....Click on picture to enlarge
   Leslie Malone reflects on his tenure as Minister for Trade amd Production in the 1950'S
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