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      The British Virgin Islands       OnePaper Community Edition       November 13th, 2019      
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Educational Institutions in the BVI

     Tertiary Institutions
     The H.Lavity Stoutt Community College
     ... 4996 Postal address: PO Box 3097, Road Town, Tortola, BVI Tel 494 4994
     B.V.I. High School
     Road Town
     Tel: 494-3468
     Fax: 494-6019
     Bregardo Flax Educational Ctr.
     Virgin Gorda
     Tel: 495-5534
     Fax: 495-5940
     Althea Scatliffe
     Road Town
     Tel: 494-3467
     Fax: 494-3271
     Alexandrina Maduro
     Baughers Bay
     Tel: 494-3465
     Anegada Primary
     Tel: 495-8050
     Belle Vue
     Tel: 494-3464
     Ebenezer Thomas
     Sea Cows Bay
     Tel: 494-3469
     Enis Adams
     Tel: 494-3458
     Enid Scatliffe
     Road Town
     Tel: 494-3734
     Eselyn Henley Richez
     Learning Center
     John's Hole
     Tel: 494-3488
     Francis Lettsome
     Long Look
     Tel: 495-2502
     Isabella Morris
     Carrot Bay
     Tel: 495-4626
     Ivan Dawson
     Cane Garden Bay
     Tel: 495-4625
     Jost Van Dyke
     Jost Van Dyke
     Tel: 495-9238
     Leonora Delville
     Tel: 495-4821
     Robinson O'Neal
     Virgin Gorda
     Tel: 495-7535
     Willard Wheatley
     East End
     Tel: 495-2503
     Cedar School
     Baughers Bay
     Tel: 494-6252
     Fax: 495-9655
     Pasea Estate
     Century House Montessori
     School BVI
     Meyers Estate
     P.O.B. 3162
     Road Town
     Tel: 494-1686
     Fax: 495-1242
     Fun Sail Sailing School
     East End
     Tel: 494-0512
     Jet Secretarial School
     Main Street
     Tel: 494-2643
     Little Dix Bay
     Sea Breeze School
     Cow Hill, Virgin Gorda
     Mack Tech Computer School
     Slaney Hill
     Tel: 494-8211
     SDA Primary
     Sea Cows Bay
     Box 105 Road Town
     Solid Rock Foundation
     & Pre-School
     The Valley
     Virgin Gorda
     St. Georges Kindergarden
     Road Town
     St. Georges School
     Road Town
     Tel: 494-2197/494-6838

BVIHS Panel Discussion Set For September 25th
   The BVI National Committee of Inter-School Debates has organised a panel discussion among students of the BVI High School (BVIHS)) for September 25 at the Legislative Council Chambers in Road Town.
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Back to school
20 School Teachers Complete Tourism Education Workshop
   Twenty secondary school teachers have benefited from the 'Tourism Education Workshop for Teachers' which was hosted by the Department of Education and Culture in partnership with the BVI Tourist Board last week.
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BVI High Band Tour A Success
   On July 5th Sixty-five students and thirteen teachers of the BVI High School returned from a five-day tour of Dominica
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Twelve Students Completed Pre-Vocational Programme
   Twelve students graduated from the Pre-Vocational Centre on June 26. The ceremony was held at the Road Town Methodist Church Hall.
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Shalyn Thomas Is Anegada's Valedictorian
   Two graduating students of the Anegada Secondary School were awarded grade one certificates at their graduation and prize giving ceremony at Emile E. Dunlop Community Centre, Anegada on July 3rd.
  Posted on: July 15, 2002
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Twenty-one Students Graduated From BFEC
   Twenty-one students of the Bregado Flax Educational Centre (BFEC) Secondary Division graduated under the theme 'Brightening Our Future' at the Catholic Community Centre on July 4.
  Posted on: July 14, 2002
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Math madness at the Bregado Flaxclick to enlarge,  Mr  Doug  Bradley and top  10  finslists
   Lively and exciting competition
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Math madness at the Bregado Flax
   Lively and exciting competition
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Cultural Exchange between BVI High & The Bolles School, Jacksonville, Florida.
   Students from The Bolles School and The British Virgin Islands presented the U.S. debut of 'Me Nanny Told Me Granny' at the school's San Jose campus.
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Montessori's Principalclick to enlarge
   Pictured here is Mrs. Patricia Morgan Principal of the Century House Montessori School in the BVI
Century House Montessori School BVIClick on picture to enlarge.The picture is large and takes a while to downl oad
   Located on a 2.5 acre site in the Diamond Estate countryside, is the uniquely 'academically enriched' Century House Montessori School. Established in 1998,it is the fulfillment of the dream for Principal, Patricia Morgan.
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Montessori's Primary Programmes
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Montessori's Elementary Programme
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Montessori Children at Play
   pictured here are two children at play
Educational Institutions in the BVI
   Pictured is the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College. Its creed, 'Our tommorrow begins today.'
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Ms BFEC Contestant/ Pagaent winner
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Ms Bregado Flax High Pagaent
   On Saturday,December 1, The Bregado Flax Rducational Center presents its second Miss BFEC Pagaent. Four lovely young ladies will compete for he crown.
  The contestants will do an INTROUCTION (in school uniform)
  CAREER WEAR AND ESSAY (this essay is based on career choice)
  CULTURAL WEAR ( The girls had to choice a cultural aspect of the BVI and depict it in a costume. The areas they chose are THE BATHS, COPPER MINE, THE HIBISCUS , PEAS SOUP)
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Ms BFEC Contestant
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Ms.Bregado Flax High
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