Leader of the Opposition and Ninth District Representative (Former Chief Minister and Minister of Tourism and Finance)

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     Chief Minister and Minister of Tourism and Finance
     Hon. Ralph T. O'Neal, one of several sons of Otto and Ester O'Neal, was born on 15 December, 1933 on Virgin Gorda. He received his education at St. Mary's School, Virgin Gorda, the St. Kitts Grammar School and Oxford University in England where he read public administration.
     Mr. O'Neal entered the teaching service of the British Virgin Islands at the age of eighteen and began his long and illustrious public service career as a primary school teacher. He taught at the Road Town and East End Primary schools, and was Principal of the North Sound School for some four years; but his teaching career was short-lived. He entered the civil service and became the second clerk of the Legislative Council in 1958, succeeding Henry O. Creque. He served for four years. He also held the various positions of secretary to the Administrator, secretary to the Member for Trade and Production, H. R. Penn, and administrative secretary to the Chief Minister, H. L. Stoutt during his civil service career, before he resigned to enter the private sector.
     Mr. O'Neal entered the political arena in 1975 and was successful in being elected as the representative for the 7th district, Virgin Gorda. By 1979 there was a shuffling of districts and Virgin Gorda together with Anegada became the 9th district. Mr. O'Neal was returned to the Legislative Council as representative for the ninth district in 1979, and in the succeeding general elections of 1983, 1886, 1990, 1995,1999 and 2003. He served as Minister for Social Services from 1979 to 1983 and as Minister for Natural Resources and Labour and Deputy Chief Minister from 1988 to October 1994 when he resigned. In February of 1995 following the general election, Mr. O'Neal was appointed as Minister for Health, Education and Welfare and Deputy Chief Minister, and served in that position until the death of Lavity Stoutt on 14th May 1995 at which time he assumed the position of Chief Minister and leadership of the Virgin Islands Party.
     In the recent election ,held on 16th June,2003, his party suffered defeat by the National Democratic Party , winning only five of the thirteen seats contested.
     He now serves as Leader of the Opposition in the 15th Legislature.
      The Honorable Ralph T O'Neal Chief Minister
     has responsibility for.....
     Physical Planning
     Trade and Industry
     Information Servicec
     Development Planning
     Regional Affairs
     Ministry of Finance
     Inland Revenue
     Development Planning
     Postal Services
     Budget Administration
     Information Systems
     Social Security
     Development Bank